“It’s the change needed, Stupid”


I know there are many of my friends that don’t want to hear how Hillary’s candidacy foiled the Democrat’s bid for president but there are factors that support this.  Trump’s success last Tuesday night, no matter how delusional his supporters are, came from those who demanded change in the system.  This also accounted for Bernie Sander’s success in the Democratic Party.  The Vermont Senator himself recently noted that president-elect Trump “tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media.” 

Sadly though, the hopes and aspirations of many Hillary devotees, after being spurned in 2008, were driven to dismiss Bernie and promote their candidate despite the heavy luggage she brought with her that had accumulated over her long political career.

Many think it was because Hillary was a woman who contributed to her loss.  Trump did beat Clinton 51% to 43 % among male voters.  But as an older white male supporter of Sanders who ultimately cast his vote for Hillary, I didn’t see her gender being a factor.  Hillary is, in Andrew Sullivan’s words “one of the most mediocre, compromised, and Establishment figures one can imagine in [this] deeply restless moment of anxiety and discontent”  which sadly failed to be perceived by her loyal supporters.  She was not the agent of change we needed and many failed to realize that Trump’s victory was indeed the result of a movement that wanted change desperately, even if it meant sleeping with the devil himself.

The neo-liberal, status quo position that the Democratic Party has employed for nearly three decades now how proven to be as reviled by the rank and file as trickle down economics became with many of its earliest supporters.  A wealthy contingent continue to hold on to these failed views with the support of a willing corporate media, all the while ignoring the numerous public polls screaming that we’re headed in the wrong direction.

In an informative essay, Juan Cole has spelled out how neoliberlaism’s belief in allowing the market to improve all of our social and economic conditions has led unnecessarily to the early deaths of many working class people.

Neoliberalism– putting the market in charge of social policy and actually encouraging industries to move abroad for higher profit margins (but for fewer industrial jobs at home)– had much the same effect on the white working class as the fall of the Soviet system had on the Russian working class.

The Russian Federation had a population of nearly 150 million in 1990 and thereafter fell to about 144 million. The end of the Soviet Union caused their confidence in the future to collapse and the end of the old economic system created very high unemployment. They stopped having children and drank themselves to death.   –  SOURCE

Perhaps now, with the shocking loss of a skilled status quo politician to that of a con man who promises the economic change that people are screaming for, Trump’s triumph will catch the attention of the Democratic Party that at one time advanced policies bringing the free market and social democratic policies together to build the most productive society the world had even seen following WWII.

In four years Trump’s popularity will wane when it becomes apparent that his rehash of trickle down economics still doesn’t work and his crude mannerisms that belittle women and people of color can no longer be dismissed.  The fear and anger that drove people to elect a megalomaniac out of desperation will once again demand real change.  Not the phony charade that pays lip service to working families while it continues to prop up corporate America.

11 responses to ““It’s the change needed, Stupid”

  1. Love Juan…..I am watching his choices for the cabinet and I think that will determine what the Dems need to work on…other than a complete “autopsy” for what they are doing is all wrong….good piece, Larry…chuq

  2. Now I don’t have to write this, thanks! Although I do not see any signs of the Democratic Party turning around. My hope is for a new second party, displacing one of the top two, both of whom have abandoned ordinary Americans “for the money.” The Dems abandonment of unions and working people is astonishingly stupid but was underdone out in the open for all to see, so they can’t deny it. The GOP decided to feed bogus social issues to working people and withhold the bread. Sheesh!

    • “The GOP decided to feed bogus social issues to working people and withhold the bread. Sheesh!

      And now we have to put up with this clown for 4 years before it can b demonstrated to those who voted him over Hillary what a hapless POTUS they put in of office, though I’m sure even in 2020 some will still be blaming Obama

  3. Yep. Good summary. If there’s any silver lining it’s that (hopefully) the Dems can’t get blamed for the next four years. Though I suppose stranger things have been known to happen. It would sure be nice if the Democrats woke up and made some deep structural changes. I still want to vomit whenever I think of Wasserman-Shcultz et al stealing the primary.

    • “If there’s any silver lining it’s that (hopefully) the Dems can’t get blamed for the next four years.”

      Oh trust me Gunta, they will be. For all of the failures that will occur on the Trump/GOP watch over the next 4 years, their fingers will point to the Obama administration in some of the most bizarre senseless ways

      • Sad, but true. I was just trying to hang on to a bit of optimism. Of course Obama’s problems were NEVER any of W’s fault. And so many folks seem to believe that nonsense. 😦

  4. Even if Bernie had won, it’s likely we’d still have the same neoliberals running the show. For those claiming to want change, I find it interesting that most neoliberal incumbents held their seats.

    • Good point NN but what you would have had with a Sanders Presidency is someone who will maintain a positive climate change policy, perhaps even enhance it, and one who would have selected a more positive figure for a supreme court justice.

      All change is grindingly slow so no one expects instant transformations overnight. This would be true if it was a Sanders, Clinton OR Trump presidency

      • I concur. We’d be spinning our wheels a lot less. But I disagree that no one expects instant transformation overnight. If that were true, Trump wouldn’t have been elected. We also need to take into account that Trump said he would make America great “again.” That’s code for going backwards. Trumps win wasn’t just about the promise of improving the economy, and that is a bitter pill for me to swallow.

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