The Results of Unchecked Anger Have Been Realized


There are consequences for acting on your anger that you don’t see at the time.  By the time you do the damage is so extensive that full recovery is seldom realized.

The irony of a Trump presidency is that people who thought all our problems were the result of one man will now discover how much real damage one man can effect especially when he gives voice to nativism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia and will make yet another foolish attempt to improve our economy by giving very rich people even more wealth.

Corruption will prevail in deeper and wider form because the president with an anti-government Congress will eliminate regulations that inhibit avarice but increase regulations against those who work to prevent such greed.

A weak legislative and judiciary will abdicate their roles to keep things in check for fear that the generalisimo-in-chief will arouse his red-meated militants to remove them from their cushy tax payer funded jobs

Foreign policy alignments will change away from more democratic countries to favor those who have put a strong man in power that keeps the non-christian, dark-skinned rabble in check.

Electing Trump was never meant to unite us as one nation because his appeal was to one ethnic group who saw themselves slowly fading from the power they had in the past.  It appears too that Trump and his coterie have so successfully created the illusion of national calamity under Obama that even many of those offended by this vulgar man were convinced Trump was the lesser of two evils.

In this dark hour however it remains for us to not allow depression and fear to immobilize us.  The only way Trump will be able to sustain the illusion he has created is if good men and women do nothing.

Perhaps the power of the press will rightfully reposition itself as the 4th estate that once brought down the political bosses of times past and helped established a more humane world that developed one of the greatest middle classes  the world has ever seen.  It’s a big if since for-profit corporations now own most of the media sources in this country.

Perhaps one of the silver linings from this horror is that we now know the values of the Christian right have nothing to do with core messages of the gospel.  Their charade has been exposed and they can no longer claim to be defenders of family values with their support of a man who vilifies other humans who don’t look like him

A false edifice that has been built with unstable elements will eventually collapse under its own weight and when it does we must try once again to rebuild a body politic and a complimentary society that isn’t blinded-sided by the bling of consumer economics and nativistic rhetoric that divides us.  We must not allow ourselves to be dragged down by hysterical shills who broadcast dark forebodings with nothing more than their twisted imaginations.

We can start with our children by instilling civic pride and critical thinking skills early and balancing personal needs with community needs because no one is an island.  United we stand, divided we fall is still an apt meme for us and when people try to thwart this with their sense of individual-liberty-trumps-all attitude, let us be able to show that all humanity benefits when we work in unison with each other, not as separate parts.

4 responses to “The Results of Unchecked Anger Have Been Realized

  1. We all call for change but the change that most want is at the top not a change in direction….media is already trying to explain their missing the signs….foreign policy I will have to wait to see who gets DoD and State….good post my friend….chuq

  2. You took the words out of my mouth. I said last night that this win will de legitimize christianity.

    Christians did not stand up when their values and morals were challenged, they looked the other way.

    Thanks for your words WE

  3. “Foreign policy alignments will change away from more democratic countries to favo(u)r those who have put a strong man in power that keeps the non-christian, dark-skinned rabble in check.” Woodgate

    Not that this is any significant break from America’s track record, but it still will be a noticeable step backward.

    One only need to look to Italy for an example. Not Mussolini, who Trump does an excellent impersonation of. I’m talking about the mobbed up, chronic philanderer, media & sports team owner, Silvio Berlusconi. Hmm…Trump has spent a career in casinos, has “owned” the morons in the media since the 80’s and was a USFL owner. He’s also a serial philanderer. Come to think of it, they’re really cut from the same cloth.

    Although, Silvio’s business dealings are waaaaay sketchier than even Trump’s, which are plenty bad.

    Anyway, Berlusconi had exactly the same kind of foreign policy you predict Trump will have. He was very cozy with Putin. He was buddies with Netanyahu (because of his “very aggressive” style) supported “Europe’s last dictator”, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus. He also signed a cooperation treaty with Libya ‘s Mo’ Qaddafi.

    He was very much out of step with most of Europe (and became an EU skeptic) But he was always on the side of the “tough guy”, irrespective the nation’s/leader’s view of democracy, or human rights. I expect Trump will do exactly the same kind of thing.

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