Elections 2016 – Elements of Our Shadow Government at Work?


In what appears to be a violation of the 1939 Hatch Act, FBI Director James Comey along with others within the Bureau may have schemed to create an October surprise with recently released emails attributed to Hillary Clinton, suggesting that they may provide information that violated national security.

I’m really not one one who promotes conspiracy theories but that’s not to say that all conspiracy theories are totally bogus.

Those who keep up with politics and the miasmic influence that underlies it know that elected officials are likely kept in check in large part by powerful secret forces deeply ingrained in the system to ensure a powerful elite effect outcomes that benefit them.  Tom Engelhart discussed this in great length in his 2014 book, Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World

Though always suspected by some, the truth about such control came out for many after former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover died and it was revealed that he kept secret files on all the presidents and other selected individuals to who might influence events not to his liking, primarily holding on to  his position as FBI Director

The CIA, Homeland Security, the NSC and the military have dark clandestine units that not even the Congress that funds them are totally aware of.  They simply take them at their word that what they do is in the “national interests”.

This idea of course has itself been considered a conspiracy theory by some but often done by high-lighting only the more irrational considerations and haven’t totally been able to convince critical-thinking people that such a likelihood doesn’t exist in some form.

This current iteration of a shadow government has been backed up by previous revelations. Perhaps the greatest exposure came during the Reagan administration.  The notion of a powerful influence behind what the public sees was laid bare by the Iran-Contra hearings, where people like Ollie North intimated that he found no problem in circumventing the constitution to fight what he claimed were Nicaraguan freedom fighters.

So no, I am not overly skeptical that there may be some ultra-conservative, super-patriots within the FBI that want to foil Hillary Clinton’s attempt to preside over the Bureau they work for.  In fact it would be naive to think that such a likelihood doesn’t exist.



Shortly after writing this it was revealed the FBI had completed their investigation on these extra emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer emails.

“From the moment they secured a warrant, dozens of FBI agents worked night and day to analyze a trove of messages that they thought might help advance their probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, according to a U.S. official.  They had to use special software to sift through some 650,000 emails.

The messages, U.S. officials familiar with the case said, were either personal or duplicative of those found earlier in the investigation.

The recommendation marked the culmination of a nightmarish 10 days for the bureau.”   SOURCE

But a certain amount of damage has already been done.  To what extent this 11th hour disruption caused people to change their votes and in numbers that may or may not alter certain outcomes in  states too close to call will remain unknown until polls close tomorrow night.


5 responses to “Elections 2016 – Elements of Our Shadow Government at Work?

  1. I am not one for conspiracies either…but damn to me it looks like all the world’s chaos may be part of some plan and it just keeps getting worse….nice post…glad to see you back at it….chuq

  2. As a great thinker (aka Sedate Me) once said, “There are at least 6 billion conspiracies on this planet.” The only thing that’s changed since then is that we’ve added another billion, or so.

    I vaguely recall watching that Moyers special at the time. I remember that Iran-Contra was the moment I lost ALL faith in America. The lies, the deception, the flagrant criminal behaviour, the hypocritical violation of their OWN government policies…despicable from begging to end. I think my “favourite” part was that Gen. Secord skimmed a few million from the illegal arms sales and defended it by saying “This is America. I have a right to make a profit.” (Loose quote)

    And the worst part is that, even after being caught red handed, nobody really paid a price. Hell, even most people alive at the time remember it! Raygun played the senility card. Bush somehow got elected and North became a “hero”. Only a few were even charged, mostly for “lying to Congress”. They all got pardoned by Bush (who I think pardoned himself too) on Christmas Eve on his way out the door.

    And after seeing the lack of reaction to Iran-Contra, the Deep Government’s attitude has gotten FAR worse because they know that, even in the highly unlikely event they will get exposed, nothing bad will ever happen to them. And thanks to all the new domestic spying capabilities at their disposal, they can keep a better lid on it than before. Knowing people’s weaknesses and secrets gives you all the power you need.

    • “I vaguely recall watching that Moyers special at the time. I remember that Iran-Contra was the moment I lost ALL faith in America.”

      That was perhaps the most public exposure up to that time about the corruption and lies within our government. But it goes back at least to the 1968 election when Richard Nixon was intervening with the South Vietnamese regime getting them to delay any concessions at the Paris peace talks before the November elections that would have made the Democrats look more appealing to voters. By delaying an end to the war until he was elected, Nixon was essentially responsible for thousands more American deaths not to mention Vietnamese civilians.

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