Losing Sight of the Serious Threat to Our Political System


I’ll keep it short today because we all have much on our plates to contend with (or we should at least) this political season.  Just a quick post to readers about what’s really at risk each time we go to the polls

It seems to me that we waste our energy being critical of elected officials or the public servants they hire to serve the needs of their constituents.  On many levels these governments representatives pay lip service to what voters want and need while bending over backwards to please the wealthy special interests in this country.  The mainstream media are complicit with this, primarily because those wealthy special interests have bought  the media sources we in the past have relied on the serve as a watchdog for corruption and graft between the well-healed and the policy makers in government.

Vote for whoever you want to but don’t think a single person can make the serious changes that truly govern our lives.  Don’t deceive yourself thinking that the change you want will simply happen by voting for people who are in bed at some level with wealthy special interests.  People who want more for themselves while providing only scraps that drop from their laps to the rest of us as they feed from the trough of public largesse.

Until we all start participating in the democracy handed us over two centuries ago the corporate wolves will continue to alter the political landscape  that has shown clear signs our democracy has already transformed tremendously to a true oligarchy.


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