Did Ted Cruz Just Open a Door to Allow Texas to Turn Blue in November?

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Ted Cruz told reporters Thursday morning that he will not endorse the Trump presidential campaign.  Cruz is still stewing over the fact that Donald Trump attacked his wife and father during the campaign.  Claiming that he would not be “a servile puppy dog” to the Trump campaign, Cruz asserted that “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and who attack my father.”

Cruz pulled in the greater share of Texas’ 155 delegates last March during its primary.

A current poll shows that Trump has only an 8 point lead over Clinton in  Texas, 41% – 33%.   With Cruz being the states favorite son for many Republicans and Tea Party types, their loyalty to him come November could open the door for a Clinton victory.

A key factor would be the get-out-the-vote effort by Democrats.  I would also think that people like me who have considered voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein since our man Bernie Sanders is no longer in the running may swing towards Hillary if there is better than an even chance of her beating Trump.

I would gladly change my vote to Clinton if it would help not only in defeating Trump but did so resoundingly.  Texas’ 38 electoral votes is second only to California’s 55.  That’s a big number to club Trump over the head with.

It could be a back breaker for the GOP and serve as the final death-blow to the Grand Ole Party whose leadership has been unable to maintain a cohesive following since Tea Party elements began knocking off their more traditional candidates for the likes of people like Ted Cruz.

Cruz may have an underlying motive to swing Texas to Hillary.  His radical view of things could see himself having a better shot at a 2020 presidential candidacy should Hillary win this year, based on the obvious hate that most people in conservative circles have for Hillary.  Of course the extreme right were sure that Obama would not see a second term either but who knows?  Politics is getting crazier every year in this country.

8 responses to “Did Ted Cruz Just Open a Door to Allow Texas to Turn Blue in November?

  1. Normally, I could not watch Cruz speak due the nausea it creates in me. For some reason I watched it. I was in shock and awe of his words, his message, his un-hateful tone toward the gay community and BLM. It was not at all what I expected. I did not peg him to be the first radical right politician to simmer down the divisive rhetoric.
    The “boos” he got from the audience where very revealing of the Trump voter and their anti unity movement.
    I am sure as your post says, he has a something up his sleeve, but I am still shocked, the Ted Cruz I saw was not the ignorant bigot I saw on the campaign trail.
    It is a little late to appear to be a half way normal human, but you are right, he is starting his 2020 game now.

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