Thursday Humor – Early Voting Edition

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I voted early today and for just a moment after being asked for a picture ID I contemplated saying something like, “C’mon Sir.  I’m obviously an older white male.  That’s not the targeted population these voter ID laws were meant for”

But I thought better of it.  Saying something like that in this polarized political atmosphere would go over about as well as mentioning how bad you bombed in picking the Super Bowl winner while standing in line to board a plane.

10 responses to “Thursday Humor – Early Voting Edition

  1. At Uni I was saying goodbye to some PNG friends at the airport in Canberra (grown men in their 40’s and fifties, from the PNG education department, in Australia for 1 year to do courses) and I said in joking as they were about to go through security: “Pius, you’re sure you packed that bomb correctly, right?” Shit me. Next thing I know the Federal Police had me and Pius in some backroom lecturing us (mostly me) on how just how little a sense of humour they had.

    Note to self: no bomb jokes at airport security stations.

  2. Pussy! He he. But seriously, you really should have said it. It’s not like they can do anything to you at a polling station. What can they do? Stick an extra-sticky “I voted” sticker on your pubic hair?

    Me, I do NOT bomb talk at airports. But in a 1,000 person line-up in Orlando’s airport, I requested the pat down instead of the Rape-scan machine, as the small sign told me I had the right to. It took them over 15 minutes to figure out what to do with me because the airport’s “designated patter” was on lunch. I pointed to one of the ladies working security and said “She can pat me down” but I don’t think they heard me over the panic I had initiated. One guy asks for a pat-down and the whole system collapses.

    You should have seen the dirty looks from fellow passengers I got for merely “exercising my rights”. You’d swear I was in Stalinist Russia, or something.

    And good thing these TSA clowns are totally irrelevant because, if we actually had to count on them to provide safety, we’d be seriously fucked!

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