Because You Can Never Have Too Much Extreme Craziness

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s impending entrance into the GOP Presidential race will make him candidate number 29.  I’m wondering what exactly wasn’t said by the other 28 Republicans that Walker felt needed to be added.  Perhaps the concept of diversity is something Republicans are beginning to warm up to, but don’t hold your breath.

They all want to bomb Iran, ensure every man woman and child is packing heat, replace the Constitution with the Bible and build a wall on our southern border to keep the brown people out.  We may mock Canadians but at least they “look” American.

None of the candidates have stated an economic vision beyond their continued support of the failed trickle down hypothesis first proposed by the Reagan administration.  We all know what trickle down economics is right?  That’s where the free market zealots in Congress enhance the wealthiest amongst us with lower tax rates and greater subsidies in the hope that some of that largesse will overflow from their golden parachute retirement plans and their investment portfolios to create middle class jobs and increase wages for the rest of us.

“The American economy has been thrown off balance because the middle class is so weakened and inequality so high. An economy that works only for the rich simply doesn’t work. To have strong and sustainable growth, the economy needs to work for everyone.”   SOURCE

Their fervent belief in capitalism“the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all” – over democracy and free markets without any government oversight is only exceeded by the religious zeal of many on the right who still think the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Both extremes are flawed and yet GOP candidates remain connected to the defects of religious fundamentalists thinking and economics based on rational selfishness.  Comic relief on late night TV shows would be marginalized without their contributions to script material.

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For those who actually acknowledge that the earth is warming, few if any are willing to concede the human contribution to this serious problem, lest they risk the wrath of the Koch brothers dark money. Adaptation to climate change is preferable to them over mitigating our carbon foot print.  This way they can continue to bleed the earth of every last clump of coal, ounce of oil and every cubic foot of natural gas while profiting from geoengineering devices that are doomed to fail. What’s a few thousand more species extinctions or massive population displacements from rising sea levels?  The markets will balance everything out eventually, right?

The proliferate number of GOP candidates is reminiscent of our religious diversity.  If you don’t like what one denomination preaches there is about 1200 others you can find camaraderie with according to the World Christian Encyclopedia.  Yet the basic message is the same.

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 6.57.44 PM  The challenge for  a debate of all 29 candidates seems insurmountable too.  Perhaps such debates could be broken down into groups of 5 and 6 and appear on separate nights of the week.  Network television is not likely to agree to these rating failures but FOX cable news would have a revenue windfall.   Let’s face it.  The only people who hang on to every word of GOP Presidential candidates are those who have locked their TV sets to the Roger Ailes fantasy of fair and balanced news.

Choice is good but when you reduce their messages to a common denominator, it amounts to little more than who can out-vilify President Obama and his assumed heir, Hillary Clinton.  The real competition will be who can wear the largest flag lapel pin without looking awkward and quote the Bible the greatest number of times at each campaign stop.

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When you have nothing new to offer the electorate attacking your opponents is about all you can do.  That and making the most outlandish claims that are sure to get aired on the evenings for several nights.  You know you’ve taken it too far when even Pat Robertson, the man who claims God talks to him all of the time, tells you to lay off of the radical stuff.

This of course is all Obama’s fault which was part of a plot set in motion back in 1962 when some unknown Muslim jihadist forged the President’s birth documents in his foreign country of birth – Hawaii.


11 responses to “Because You Can Never Have Too Much Extreme Craziness

  1. You’d think they might have learned a thing or two since the last election, but the Dems rerun of the Clinton dynasty doesn’t offer a great deal of hope either.

  2. We may mock Canadians but at least they “look” American.

    You mean our knuckles drag on the ground, foam comes out our mouths and we have “crazy eyes”?

    Yeah, maybe. But only during hockey games -eh?

  3. I keep wondering if I’m up to another play by play of this election…it promises to be another insane one for sure.

  4. As previously mentioned, I made a sacred vow not to talk about 2016 election until it actually IS 2016. Dedicating almost an entire year is FAR more than long enough already. Never mind nearly 4 years of this constant bullshit speculation.

    However, I can talk about the past. And if the last Republican Clusterfuck taught anybody anything, it was that paying attention to all these assclowns for so long did the party NO favours. Just like the folks appearing on the Jerry Springer Show, not ONE of them left the stage without looking worse than when the show started. (For example; “999” and “Education, Commerce and…uh..Sorry, I can’t. Oops.”)

    But just like all failed Republican policies, they not only refuse to admit any mistakes, they double-down on them. Apparently, this time they’re “triple downing” by putting 29 clowns in this Clown Bus. On the up side, having so many candidates almost justifies the utterly ludicrous amount of time and money allocated to this stupid horse-race. Although, the whole process should be sent to the glue factory.

    As for Trump, I’ll talk about him all I want because there is NO chance he will actually run for real. He’s pretended to run several times before. He’s just pretending harder this time. Between now & Iowa, he’ll find some lame excuse to leave the race. Trump will invent some “crisis” he needs to take care of, or there will be a conspiracy of “party insiders” against him (probably real), or he will have a “once-in-a-lifetime” business opportunity he can’t refuse. I expect he will drop out a week or so before Iowa and back Christie as a “decent backup”. (Assuming Christie is running…safe bet.)

    You heard it here first!

      • Well, Boutros-Boutros Christie has been in the race since late 2012, so that’s hardly a shock.

        Can you imagine a Christie-Trump ticket? Zoinks! Could America handle that much constant verbal abuse from this pair of New York egomaniacs? (It would be like putting me in charge of it.)

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