Trust But Verify Who?

Trust has taken a beating over the years but never did I think there would be so little of it I could place in our government and the industries that we have come to rely on to promote the AmericanDream.   Reagan would be rolling over in his grave to know that his “Trust but verify” meme is now essential toward domestic policies.

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Questions we should all seriously consider before we buy into the talking points of government leaders and for-profit corporations:

If the TPP trade agreement is supposed to be so beneficial to our economy why are there efforts to fast-track it through the legislative process before our representative in Congress and the public in general have a chance to thoroughly review it?

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If numerous studies backed by authoritative organizations have assessed the War on Drugs to be an utter failure, why is no one stepping up in government to kill this policy that is “a waste of time, money and lives”?

Why has the nuclear program in Iran been scrutinized so heavily by Western nations and their major media sources to ensure that they don’t create nuclear arms when far less scrutiny and alarm failed to materialize when Israel, Pakistan and India were creating their nuclear weapons?

Why is Edward Snowden being targeted by the U.S. government for exposing the fact that the NSA was engaging in practices that violated the law of the land? 

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If the preponderance of scientific evidence shows that man-made global warming is real and poses an eminent threat to our ecosystem and 97% of climate scientist agree, why would anyone claim it is a hoax?

If genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are considered “safe”  by the bio-chemical industry why does Monsanto and other partners in crime, like the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), spend millions to prevent labeling such products to inform purchasers of foods that contain GMOs?

If the fracking process and the toxic cocktail of fluids used to extract oil and gas pose no health risks to the public why did Dick Cheney push to have it exempted from the clean air and water acts in 2005? 

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 8.52.49 AM  I fully realize as do most people that some things are best kept secret to prevent sabotage and to protect corporate property from being stolen by competitors but this reality has limits.  When it becomes the norm to hide information that might hurt special interests then the public’s right to know is not the central issue any longer.  The issue becomes one that questions how we let our democracy fall prey to the wishes of a powerfully select group of wealthy individuals who put profits before people.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke

Once the trust is lost in our governmental and economic institutions, then social break down is not far behind.  Great civilizations of the past have collapsed because they drifted from the humanity that connects us to our world; this tiny blue dot in a vast universe.  The lesson of history then becomes lost to those who put their trust in people who use their status for personal gain or for policies that have led to an insecure state.

3 responses to “Trust But Verify Who?

  1. Yeah, but the GOP has a plank in its Platform to undermine trust in government as a way off reducing its size. Aren’t you playing political favorites? ;o)

  2. Woodgate, it sounds like most of your questions seem to answer themselves. (For example, why is Snowden targeted for exposing the truth? Because Snowden exposed the truth.) Actually, it reminds me of the chorus of a Rush song from the album that helped them climb out of their disappointing “Synthesizer Era”.

    Sorry, but as a Canadian citizen, I’m obligated to make at least 10 (metric -eh?) public Rush references a year…and I’m WAY behind.

    “I fully realize as do most people that some things are best kept secret to prevent sabotage and to protect corporate property from being stolen by competitors but this reality has limits.”

    As usual, I am not like most people. (a side effect of being extraordinary)

    We live in an era where governments & corporations monitor every single thing you do/say/write/think and compile it in databases to be used against you at some point in our dystopian future present. As such, I figure they’ve completely abdicated THEIR right to privacy by destroying ours. Hell, if me going to a grocery store to buy food so I can live “surrenders” my “reasonable expectation of privacy”, why should these worthless motherfuckers get to hide all their evil, corrupt, bullshit under Agent 86’s Cone of Silence, where it will never reach the light of day?

    Mind you, public institutions and public corporations aren’t supposed to have secrets to begin with, certainly none with a shelf life longer than raw meat in the summer sun. They are -get this- publicly owned and responsible to the public as a whole. Even corporations are meant to be open & accountable to potential investors.

    (I just couldn’t type that last paragraph without busting a gut laughing.)

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