Stupid in Texas Continues

There’s an epidemic that’s growing in my home state of Texas and it looks like it has no cure.



Last week in Texas, Dallas Republican Jason Villalba proposed a bill “that would make it illegal for The People to record The Police, at least up close.”   It appears that factual information about what transpires between public officials and Texas citizens is to be discouraged for mostly nebulous reasons.

Mr. Villaba’s bill wouldn’t restrict mainstream media sources from filming cops in action within 25 ft but you and I must keep our distance, because we the people are more likely to be an “interference with public duties” being discharged by police officers than are those who get a paycheck from official news outlets.  Why?  They’ve been trained in the fine art of unencumbering moves while filming cops in action?   What is certain though is that corporate owned media sources do have the skills and routinely practice the editing of video documentation that puts people in power in a bad light.

But as you ruminate over the possibility that it can’t get any more nuts from the conservative mentality in the Lone Star state, you are reminded that stupid is easily spread without little support to actually prevent it.

In another example of some delusional notion that the public’s right to know has limits that should be imposed on them comes yet another example of confused politicians working in the interests of what appears to be the mentally deficient.

AUSTIN — Under the mantra that state government should serve its residents and not everyone else, the Texas Legislature is mulling a plan giving agencies and other official entities the option of ignoring out-of-state requests for information under its open records laws.
The proposal is sponsored by first-term Rep. Mike Schofield (R), once a longtime legal adviser to former Gov. Rick Perry — whose office was famously cool toward top provisions of the Texas Public Information Act.   SOURCE


Now this doesn’t hurt me personally since I live in Texas and Schofield’s bill would not impede my right to know, but then self-interests don’t dictate every action of mine as it does those of the Ayn Rand laissez-faire herd.  For the Party who fosters the notion that our freedoms are being threatened by forces outside the state, this bill seems to make a mockery of it all.  The fact that several other states have imposed such restrictions and that the Roberts Supreme Court has sided with this stance doesn’t assuage the sense that Texas is determined to outdo every other state government in their efforts to scale Mt. Dumbass.

Rep. Mike Schofield’s ludicrous claim  that “There are people who just get it in their heads that they can make Texas government dance to their tune,” is yet another example of Libertarian paranoia that sees snakes in the snow where none exists.  It’s a hallmark with the don’t-tread-on-me crowd who for unfathomable reasons reduce common sense practices or non-threatening behavior to a delusional state.

If I owned a business outside of Texas and wanted to get information about the state to consider relocating, I would be prohibited from doing so under Schofield’s bill.  If I were merely an ordinary citizen considering a relocation move to Texas and wanted information about schools and job opportunities, it appears I would also be barred from garnering this information from the state to aid me in making that decision.

Why would anyone who has nothing to hide consider such a thing, especially on such a large public scale?  There’s no sufficient data to support Schofield’s perception about costs to the taxpayer that would override this attempt to inhibit public information.  Who is it and for what reasons does he feel that there is a need for such a deprivation of facts?  Texas, like any other state doesn’t exist in a vacuum and for anyone to seriously implement such a restrictive move has no right to say they have the public’s best interests at heart, especially concerning our freedom to know.

It seems a week doesn’t go by that radical politicians on the far right in Texas are trying to create laws that do little to promote the general welfare of the state and further restrict the rights of ordinary citizens either in favor of wealthier special interests or for ideologues whose connections with reality are tenuous at best.

Some may say this is being stupid like a fox and I wouldn’t discount that completely.  However, even the fox knows enough not to create too much of stir lest he wake the watchdog guarding the hen house.  The fact that most voters in Texas continue to vote against their own self-interests by electing and re-electing these public officials does little to remove the embarrassment from actions that put Texas as the butt-end of jokes on late night TV or worse, a Sponge Bob cartoon


21 responses to “Stupid in Texas Continues

  1. I wrote on this same subject last Friday and want to see how they enforce it….a court has ruled that up-skirt photos is legal….so I want to see how they will enforce this….

    • “I wrote on this same subject last Friday and want to see how they enforce it”

      Well we’re hoping it never gets out of the committee he presented it in

      • If it does…it could spark a whole bunch of opposition….at least I would hope that we have the guts to take them on…..

      • “.at least I would hope that we have the guts to take them on…..”

        Oh, you can rest assured that I will fill several blog posts about the lamebrains who perpetuate their crap in my home state. 😉

  2. nothing like helping to create the police state for ’em…haha, gawds, it must have been something we ate as kids that has over 40 years created these cretins.

    • “it must have been something we ate as kids”

      You might be on to something there Sherry. The anti-vaxxers and those opposed to fluoride in the drinking water from an earlier generation have given birth to a host of delusional offspring.

  3. Ok, so keep it simple for the Brit, here. Why do people in Texas vote against their own interests? I mean, I’m assuming it’s not a charitable, socialist, let’s have higher taxes to help the poor, kind of voting.

    • “Ok, so keep it simple for the Brit, here. Why do people in Texas vote against their own interests?”

      Convinced that all Democrats are liberals and that liberals are Satan incarnate, conservatives in Texas and most other Southern states vote Republican automatically, presuming that they truly represent Jesus, capitalism and freedom. These people tend to be less informed by choice vilifying higher education as a tool for the anti-Christ. FOX News is their main source of broadcast news

      Now this may appear hyperbolic but if pressed this is essentially what runs through the minds of people who would vote in a Party that would cut funding to public education and their own Social Security benefits. They pretty much live in the past when the American dream was more a reality than it is today and when minorities were literally treated like second class citizens.

  4. 1) I’ve never understood why Don’t Tread On Me Libertarians are always so eager to support the folks treading on them. Yes, because you support Republicans, you might reduce your odds of being targeted by Republican governments. However, when the Democrats take over – and even in Texas they eventually will- who you think they’re going to target? The faces change, but fascism carries on and continues to build momentum.

    2) Every idiot out there thinks that video footage of cops abusing people will somehow result in something…well, other than public cynicism. There are literally hundreds of thousands of police brutality videos available to anyone with an Internet hookup. Some of them actually get aired on TV. What happens afterwards to these cops? Sweet fuck all!!! Just ask Rodney King what good undeniable video proof of his beating did him. The problem is NOT a lack of evidence. The problem is a complete lack of political will to do anything about even the very worst cases of abuse. So videotaping cops is as pointless as pissing on a forest fire.

    The authorities can spy on your every move without justification, or even following legal procedures. They can manipulate evidence, destroy evidence, ignore evidence and rarely get punished. But you try to document their on-duty abuses of power at your own risk. They don’t need no stinking law, they have a badge that gives them immunity from the law! They will fuck you with your own camera and laugh about it in e-mails they send to Eric Holder.

    A couple years back, not 2 blocks from where I type this, the cops beat the fuck out of some black kids on a sidewalk outside of a trendy bar. It occurred in camera range of 3 privately owned surveillance cameras, 1 city owned surveillance cam and probably more than a dozen cell phones. The cops “aggressively” seized all the cell phones as “evidence”. Curiously, according to the cops, not ONE of the cameras present were functioning that night. Must have been a freak solar storm! Absolutely no investigation was preformed and the only charges laid were on the abuse victims, one of whom was hospitalized.

  5. I read about this on Lobos blog earlier in the week, I must say I’m terribly confused. Are Texas lawmakers afraid of what the police are capable of? That is not very reassuring. Maybe trying to prevent a spotlight media event? Or it could be they believe the police are poorly trained, and don’t care enough about Texans to fix that. Hmmm…

    My family lives in Central Florida. After all of violent nonsense towards people of color of the past few years, my wife said to me ” We can never go see your family again” She is only 50% white, and joked that a visit could be tragic, Ha! Well most of her family lives in Houston, it won’t be long now until I can say the same to her.

    • “After all of violent nonsense towards people of color of the past few years, my wife said to me ” We can never go see your family again” “

      A common fear among those who live outside the state but that is as much a reality anywhere else in this country as it is here. It just seems more prevalent because of the asses who make the headlines here in Texas. 😦

      • Hell SM. we’re still coddling CitiBank and Bank of America. Executives with HSBC ain’t go much to worry about. They’ll find smiling faces on Wall Street and in the Treasury Dept. ready to greet them.

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