Thursday Humor – Delusional Interpretations Edition

Shake That Finger



We all know how the right-wing media in this country loves to exploit the illusion of Obama as a secret Muslim.  Almost from the time he won the Democratic nomination back in 2008, sociopaths like Orly Taitz have been trying to assure us that being born in the U.S. to an American-born mother who wed an atheist Kenyan automatically makes you a Muslim.  If you doubt this then you simply are not connected to the convoluted thinking of flat-earthers.  The fact that there are still doubters among you simply means you haven’t heard the lie often enough to accept it is as truth.



Well right-wing blogger F.W. Burleigh at “The American Thinker” blog is here to afford you yet another opportunity to buy into the malarkey that Obama is indeed a Muslim.  To verify this he has used a still photo for effect (shown above) of a video of Obama at last August’s U.S./African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. showing, what Burliegh assures us, is “Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates.”

This twisted allusion to events used by Burliegh is typical right-wing psycho babble.   Still certain that Obama is a secret Muslim, it’s not a stretch for them to make such asinine interpretations.    Considering their failure to deal with reality I’m surprised this picture below got missed by Burleigh at the same summit meeting.


Is this the Muslim sign for the torture method that cuts people’s fingers off?


colbertfingerwag  Some would say Obama was simply wagging his finger to some response that warranted a Colbert-style “wag-o’-the-finger”.

But I think the Prez was doing a little bit more than that.  Asked by one of the leaders as he walked past them to show him his impersonation of Cab Calloway, Obama gave a quick rendering of the great American jazz musician’s style as seen below.

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 12.42.50 PM

Can we get a little Hi-de-ho music for the leader of the free world.

21 responses to “Thursday Humor – Delusional Interpretations Edition

  1. I was recently introduced to some absolute concrete proof that Obama is, indeed, a muslim (which, honestly, I wouldn’t care if he was… BUT HE ISN’T) and going to take over this country at the end of his first term… Wait, as soon as he’s re-elected… wait… AT the end of his second term. That’s it, and turn our freedom loving country into an islamic religious state with himself at the helm.
    What is this conclusive proof, you may ask?
    Well, it’s a 4 second clip during which Obama alludes to his time abroad, visiting his family in Kenya.
    I HAVE A LIST!!!!!!

  2. And now, Guiliani and his wild-ass notions about Obama and communism. What the hell is wrong with these people? Gosh, I bet they get no sleep at night. They’re spending a lot of time compiling evidence about stuff that sane people don’t care about.

  3. There’s nowt so queer as folk….actually I’m more taken with the idea of Cab Calloway being a secret muslim extremist, and the obviously coded lyrics of Minnie the Moocha.

    • “actually I’m more taken with the idea of Cab Calloway being a secret muslim extremist, and the obviously coded lyrics of Minnie the Moocha.”

      Good point Elaine. I confess that I have been waiting for some right-wing extremists (which of course you’re not) to point out that the start of the “Hi-De Ho man” song appears to employ gibberish and tunes that can easily be taken as “Muslim”. 😉

      • I think its the bit where she gives the King of Sweden everything that he’s been needin’ that is the cause for concern, Larry. You need to keep a close eye on those Scandinavians. They’re a tricksy lot.

      • It has the same meaning here Elaine but it is still used occasionally as a derogative for the narrow minded, self serving types of the Tea Party here, who are a resurrection of the 1950’s John Birch Society

    • Limited for everyone one but the rich I’m afraid. John Birchers were the right wing element of Libertarian politics today. The dynamics of right wing politics is more regressive in this country than other forms.

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