A Cogent Point For All the Climate Denier Wannabes Out There


Cast doubts and aspersions all you want about the climate science that points a finger at man’s activities contributing to an increasingly warm planet, but make no mistake about the fact that we know that the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation increases CO2 in the atmosphere, strengthening the green house effect as we deprive natural sinks for absorbing this CO2.  Man-made CO2 from burning fossil fuels has a distinctive signature with fewer isotopes in them than the CO2 that nature emits from plants.  So anyone who argues we can’t know what we do is actually effecting global warming has no credible argument.  To what degree this impacts us can and should be debated  but to deny increased CO2 from burning carbon based resources will not negatively alter our ecosystem is simply irresponsible.

The signs of this warming are now evident in the projections climate scientist made years ago before extreme weather events occurred on a regular basis.  Rising sea levels, desertification, increased plants and animal specie extinctions and ocean acidification that kills coral reef and marine life are now at a level that man has not seen in his life time and by all measures, in some cases, have not been recorded in earth’s history.

True there are no absolutes in this field and not all research seems to give us an exact scenario how things will play out. The reality however is that nothing of this scale ever works precisely in order for us to make exact judgments.  What we do have is strong, sufficient evidence that indicates we are a threat to our only home by the burning of fossil fuels and removing the carbon sinks like forests and large bodies of water that help absorb excess CO2.

Rather than ignore this and continue to burn coal, oil and gas at the rate we have we should be proactive and assume the information about man-made global warming is “extremely likely” and proceed accordingly.   After all, if we’re wrong what have we actually done but address the problems that will evolve from this dirty, finite resource and build on those clean, renewable sources that will undoubtedly be needed to provide essential energy for generations to come.

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Deniers Are Not Skeptics


14 responses to “A Cogent Point For All the Climate Denier Wannabes Out There

  1. They can’t hear you! They have their fingers in their ears and are shouting “la, la, la, …” which makes it really hard to cash those checks from the Koch Brothers, but they seem to manage that just fine.

    • Actually I was aiming my message at those who might be thinking of leaning toward the denier camp. But you’re right. There is no relief for the climate ‘tarded.

  2. Excellent post (again)! I’ve often wondered what most of us would have to lose if we started cutting our oil and petrochemical consumption. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that the Kochs (and others raking in obscene amounts of profits) have plenty to lose. Heavens, they might not be able to buy as many politicians.

      • When you’ve got almost a billion to throw away on an election for ONE elected office, millions on city council races in towns nobody has ever heard of and you keep doing this even though you lose at least 75% of the time….

        …you’ve probably got enough money to devise ways of extending your life well into 3 digits, if not 4.

  3. One has only to breathe the air in major cities to know the impact first hand. President Obama had air purifiers handy when he visited New Delhi recently.

  4. If Climate Change was real, Jesus would come down and cure it for us, if only we prayed to him more. Right?

    • Unless of course global warming is man’s punishment for not believing the whole “son of God – Immaculate conception” thing.

      Amazingly people who require less evidence to support such a notion require all kinds of absolutes to prove man-made global warming is a threat.

      • And in a similarly religious vein…

        If the providers of all that’s good in this world, the corporations, (peace be upon them) thought Climate Change was a serious threat, they’d solve the problem in no time…provided we bowed down to them and paid them sufficient tribute.

      • Actually SM many businesses do take climate change serious, especially the insurance industry but insufficient numbers of them refuse to take the lead in this fight bringing this vital message to the public. Perhaps there are a few powerful investors who are part of the climate denying kind that poses risk for the company at large if they do advance this cause. Clearly those corporations who could do the most good but are the least reliable are the corporate media

      • Way to stomp on a good mediocre joke, Woodgate!

        I know it’s a lot more nuanced than that, but I was supposed to be speaking from the perspective of a worshipper, for which “nuance” is something they don’t comprehend. (along with science, logic, etc.)

        But you bring up a good point. At the end of the day, what really matters is what corporate interests will triumph. It’s an internal dialogue, one that people of the non-corporate variety are all but shut out of. I suppose our only way of influencing things is to purchase products from the less unenlightened corporations. First they get the money. Then they get the power. Then they get the women.

        Yech. Why does even positive change seem so dirty and unsatisfying?

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