Next Big Threat for Second Amendment Zealots is Imminent.




Recently released news says that rifle sales for Smith & Wesson have “dropped by more than half in the … company’s latest quarter. The steep decline is part of a 22% dip in overall sales for Smith & Wesson, according to the company’s second-quarter earnings report.”

This can only mean one thing.  People at the Fear, Loathing and Alarm Wing (FLAW) of the National Rifle Association are working on an idea that will once again foster fear in Americans to justify yet more purchases of guns many are in excess of now.  Sadly they can no longer foster the notion that the re-election of President Obama signals any plans to confiscate all guns in the country.  Obama is now officially a lame-duck President and there have been no signs that he is going to do what Wayne LaPierre and his associates at the NRA have been claiming since Obama won the presidency in 2008.

They could wait until the 2016 election year and once again label the Democratic nominee (Hillary?) as someone who plans to impose martial law and deprive everyone of their 2nd amendment rights. But the gun industry, who the NRA represents and depends upon for funding, will likely want to see some upward movement on sales before then.

The fear of ISIS crossing our southern borders seems to have gained some attention from the far right so one possibility is to perpetuate this myth.  One source at the FLAW who wishes to remain anonymous has suggested that plans are in the works to promote the belief that ISIS is training thousands of airborne militants who will fly over selected sites in the U.S. and parachute in at night, overwhelming unsuspected citizens.

Not only is it hoped that this will increase gun sales but that those who now currently own sizable arms caches will ratchet up the fear amongst their unarmed neighbors. The NRA works on the premise that fear breeds fear and uses this to garner support (and gun sales) for the call to arms against the many unseen forces who are out to “take our freedoms from us.” 


“Ya want my freedumb?  Come and get it.”


But are Americans getting weary of being weary from alleged threats to their 2nd amendment rights?  You don’t get that impression from people like 85-year old Homer Munchbutt of Biloxi, Mississippi.

“Sure, the fear of negras attacking us and raping our women during the civil rights movement didn’t occur, nor did the Russia invasion occur under that thar Nuhkeeta Krewchef.  You know why”, Munchbutt fumed.

Because the realty of such threats never really existed?, I  asked.

“No!” he yelled.  “Because they feared facing an armed citizenry,” he assured me.

People like Homer are important to the NRA.  Without the support of people easily frightened the NRA’s membership would likely not have increased over the past years as it has.   “We can’t allow people to lose their sense of paranoia” my unidentified NRA source told me.  “Without them we might become just another sane country where gun crime is reduced to insufficient numbers” he said.  “America just wouldn’t be America if people were not constantly afraid of something they could blow holes in with a high-powered weapon”.

So what’s the next big scare likely to provoke an uptick in gun sells in America going to be?   Call me whimsical but my money is on vampires and zombies.   Sure they’re a fantasy of the human mind but when did such non-reality ever stop the NRA from exploiting the delusionary and gullible, or people who constantly live in fear from clutching onto anything that justifies their paranoia?


14 responses to “Next Big Threat for Second Amendment Zealots is Imminent.

  1. I’ve been to the States a number of times, so i know this is not the case, but the impression that comes from within the US to the outside would is that of a terrified, cowing, frighten citizenry prone to desperate overreactions. In other words, the complete opposite of the British stiff upper lip, remain calm and carry on. On this basis alone, on this false face being presented to the world, the NRA should be deported for acts of high treason.

    • On this basis alone, on this false face being presented to the world, the NRA should be deported for acts of high treason.”

      It’s in their DNA I suspect and because hate and fear are contagious I feel they will always have a place at the table of gun advocates

  2. Can you spell “saturated market” boys and girls? They have exhausted the pipeline of “selling more guns to people who already own guns” and those people do not see the wisdom of buying even more (‘Cause when the End Times come those heathens will just come and steal mah guns!).

    And the photo you append is quite intriguing. This “gun femme” is not a true gun nut … she has her fingers on both triggers! (Plus the pistol on the left has been cocked or has had its trigger pulled far enough to cock it (if it has a double action.) I know, I know, you are rushing back to see if she, indeed, has fingers, but do realize that, being a scientist, I am a trained observer!


  3. Maybe all our racial tensions would be solved, by this line of reasoning, if all black males were armed so they could shot back at police.

  4. okok…..I have a real true actual can’t -make -up story that is both insightful and thought provoking…..about guns.

    Two hunters from Minnesota are out in the Wisconsin woods deer hunting when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, “My friend is dead! What can I do?” The operator says “Calm down. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then a gun shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says “OK, now what?”

    ……so i lied about the insightful part. sue me.

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