Thursday Humor: Stupid Letters to the Editor edition

So you won’t be spending valuable time away from your families reading blogs like mine on Thanksgiving,  I thought I would move my Thursday Humor segment to an earlier time so you could all enjoy this holiday.  You’re welcome.  For those who live outside of the U.S. thanks for your understanding.  (Of course I’m being sarcastic)


Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 10.10.33 AM

 “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”  – A. Lincoln

The problem about constantly ranting from a strict ideological frame of reference is you run the very likely risk of exposing yourself as a nincompoop.  Such is the case with Alice Gore’s letter below that can be found in its fully composed state here.

Ms. Gore is a frequent Letters to the Editor contributor who is always condemning the Left, Obama, Democrats, environmentalists and just about anything or anyone else she perceives to violate her religious fundamentalist and red, white and blue free market values.  You all know the type.  Progress is only good if it advances those things they hold near and dear.  All else is a threat to the conventional status quo that her kind have benefited from over the years.  Watch as her twisted reasoning about pollution and loss of tree canopy here in Denton blames forces who in fact would have worked side by side with her to prevent the current conditions.

Years ago, my office at Texas Woman’s University was on the 13th floor of the Administration Tower. From those windows facing south, I had a panorama of Denton.
Most mornings, the pollution over Interstate 35 looked like a bathtub ring hovering over the roadway — 100 feet or more high. That was 25 years ago.
Just imagine how much worse it is now with all the added traffic and more to come with an expanded roadway.

At this point I am ready to give out a cheer for the lady who always wounds up opposing those things I stand for.  In this case the effects of hydrocarbons from the combustible engine on the air quality in Denton.  Air quality in Denton has truly been a serious issue for decades, primarily because of it’s close proximity to the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.  The counties for each are all connected as shown in the image below and as a result this area is ranked 8th in the nation by the American Lung Association for unhealthy ground level ozone.  Ground level ozone is in large part the result of motor vehicle exhaust and gasoline vapors.


Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 8.04.11 AM

 The glorious golden triangle of North Texas is not all that glorious anymore


But this is all an unforeseen part of the grand scheme of free markets.  Economic growth inevitably entails an expanding population and with that expanding population comes the vehicles they must commute to work in.  Many of those vehicles that consume large amounts of gasoline and flood our roadways are here out of a delusional notion that being a Texan dictates the freedom to drive the largest SUV or pickup you can afford to intimidate your adversaries on the road with.

Ms. Gore would have been a part of this approval that has now created the very condition she bemoans.   But rather than acknowledge the true source of this pollution that hovers “like a bathtub ring … over the roadway”  her ideological wiring circumvents facts and reality and finds a scapegoat to blame for the discomfort she now has to experience.

Note to all you anti-frack fanatics — you need to worry about the 24-7 365-day ring of pollution from Interstate 35 instead of the occasional p-s-s-s from an oil or gas drilling operation.

The occasional p-s-s-s??  What are we talking about here Alice? Some derrick operator relieving his bladder from the platform or your belief that natural gas line leaks are too small to be worried about?  If you’re concerned about the air pollution caused by the increase in traffic brought on by economic growth, would it surprise you to find that the source of that p-s-s-s demands greater vehicular traffic necessary to sustain each well with millions of gallons of water?



But then it gets even more bizarre when she ignores the efforts of local environmentalists who have worked to preserve the natural flora of this area after years of condemning them as “tree-hugging, enviro-nazis”.  Now, I’m not sure that is an exact quote of Ms. Gore’s but I am sure it represents the sentiments of one who is more concerned about cheap consumer goods over preserving the ecosystem that furnishes raw materials for the markets.

While you are at it, worry about the rapid decrease in tree canopy in Denton. Case in point: the Brinker Road site across from Home Depot. Not just that lovely stand of native post oaks and grasses gone but the whole hill.

How odd that she ignores the fact that several square miles of the natural habitat had to be removed to not only build that Home Depot but a very large shopping area that draws even more vehicular traffic to the I-35 region she used to view from her office at TWU.

brinkerrd. area

(click on image to enlarge)

A dated MapQuest view of the Brinker Rd. area Ms. Gore refers to.  Note where Home Depot now exists along with multiple commercial venues that fill the area and beyond the bold black border.  The blue road to the left is I-35

This is progress?  You do remember that trees furnish oxygen for us and help eliminate air pollution? A grown tree will put hundreds of pounds of oxygen into the air each year.
Denton is so backward we can’t determine a plan to save our native post oaks. Shame on us.

Yes Ms. Gore!  This is the “progress” you and your anti-government, free market loving, anti-science, anti-environmental, Bible-thumping, freedom loving, gun-toting, Secessionist crowd has wrought.  By letting the wolves loose in all things that you identify as “red-blooded American” your world has now become a nightmare for you.  And by the way, if you think trees remove pollution like the ground level ozone that arise from high volumes of traffic, you’re sadly mistaken.  It does take some of the CO2 that fossil fuels produce (not all) and converts it to oxygen but suggesting that CO2 is a pollutant would throw Glenn Beck into conniption fits.

But it’s been the excess CO2 from not only increased vehicular traffic but from the mouths of ignorant, backward-thinking people like Alice Gore and Bubba (Bubba is an imaginary hitman Ms. Gore uses in her frequent letters to attack her perceived enemies) that has now created this dark world because too many people like her have allowed their political ideology to trump reason and sanity.

Shame on us???  No Ms. Gore.   Shame on you.

12 responses to “Thursday Humor: Stupid Letters to the Editor edition

  1. Back in the days when letters to editor was about the best way to vent….I also had the mental midgets rattled on about stuff they were ignorant of on any given day……but the best one was from Ben Carson just the other day….that wants to deport all illegal aliens and then revoke their citizenship…..people like that just makes the morning coffee exit thru your nostrils…..

  2. By letting the wolves loose in all things that you identify as “red-blooded American” your world has now become a nightmare for you.

    Brilliant rebuttal! The link to the paper doesn’t work, so i don’t know if you posted the above sentiment directly, but if you haven’t, you should track this woman down and hand her this sentence. It’s superb.

  3. the problem with these types is that they are utterly unable to see that they make your argument for you. Time and again, I’ve pointed this out to some loon, only to be met with a stare of incredulity. They have no capacity to think logically, and it is impossible to get that across.

  4. “If your doctor told you that you had a growth, you’d probably tell him to remove it. But if your politician told you he wanted more growth, you’d probably vote for him. Growth is a cancer that needs to be stopped in its tracks.” -Sedate Me while running (and losing badly) for municipal office sometime in the 90’s

    Ah, sounds like she’s to be pitied more than anything else. I blame the brain pollution she’s undoubtedly been marinated in since birth. Because she expresses some elements of environmentalism, (anti-smog, pro-forest) even while vehemently opposing environmentalists. That’s how you know it’s the result of training.

    If only she could figure out that the cars spewing those fumes are all powered by fossil fuel. If only she knew that all the roadways are built so that, instead of walking to small scale stores in liveable cities, people can drive their fossil fuel burning cars way the fuck out to the middle of the forest the parking lot of American capitalist All-Star, Home Depot. If only she made the connection that the tree-chopping & sprawl related pollution she hates is the direct result of planning decisions made by capitalist friendly, oil friendly, pro-growth politicians
    that she probably loves…

    Well, there’s always Hope & Change right? And liquor!

    • “Well, there’s always Hope & Change right? And liquor!”

      Unfortunately in Texas yes. Medical and recreational marijuana have not made it here yet. Just have to convince the free-markets advocates of its revenue benefits to get past the right-wing religious nuts. Here though, they are often one and the same.

      • Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time until their capitalism trumps their (false) moralism. They just need to be seen as the last major holdout first, in order to prove they had the highest moral standards. I’m sure the movers & shakers are already scouting out the best locations to launch their growing and selling enterprises.

        As a precedent, think of Texas’ dirty little clean secret. The land that literally worships oil is the jurisdiction that generates the most electricity from wind on the continent (last time I checked). Green energy is probably the ultimate blasphemy in Texas, so why was it done? $, that’s why.

        I predict you’ll be treating your glaucoma in about 6 years and dropping the glaucoma charade in about 12. (Hope & Change? Well, in about 6 years you’ll be able to get a prescription to make you forget all about it.)

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