Louie Gohmert, the Ebola Virus and a Texas 2nd grader

We can be glad that the Ebola virus doesn’t spread as fast as stupidity in this country but none-the-less, crazy people are having ill effects on our young children.

image courtesy of TheYoungTurks

image courtesy of TheYoungTurks

 Only someone as stupid as Congressman Louie Gohmert would see catching the Ebola viruses as easy as this.

Here’s a true story about a Texas 2nd grader in the Denton, Texas ISD and how closely her comments mimic the absurd views of Texas Congress critter Louie Gohmert.  

Gohmert is under the impression that the troops we have sent to Liberia to help contain the Ebola virus there will in fact be infected by this deadly virus and unthinkingly bring it back to be spread across the U.S.  Simple-minded people think in simple terms.

It doesn’t dawn on Gohmert that precautions will be taken to ensure that IF any of our troops become infected, they will be properly treated and not simply be shipped back to the states to run willy-nilly around the country and contaminate millions of people.  Only an 8-year-old would assume that and likely based on what they had been told by responsible adults.  In this case the parents of an 8-year old.

Overheard by another teacher is this conversation between an hispanic 2nd grader and her teacher while she’s standing in the lunch line:

2nd grader: Ms. ______, you know the brown guy?

Teacher:  “Brown guy”?

2nd grader: “Yeh, the brown guy.  You know.  The president.”

Teacher:  “You mean Obama”?

2nd grader: “Yeh, Obama”.

teacher:  “Okay.  What about him”?

2nd grader: “He’s making everyone sick because he’s bringing all of the sand people over here”.

This was a real conversation conveyed to me by the teacher who overheard it at one of the elementary schools here in Denton, Texas.  Obviously they and the child need to remain anonymous but this isn’t something that was contrived for the sake of making a point here regarding Gohmert’s stupidity

It’s troublesome to think this child may grow up with this distortion of the facts, not to mention much of the other crap she hears her parents talking about, especially if their primary news source is FOX.  Even scarier is the very real probability when she becomes of age that that child could add to the stupid pile of people who vote the likes of Louie Gohmert into office.

And where as an hispanic does she come off calling Obama, “the brown guy”?  One of the child’s parents is white, so has she been made to see herself as less brown, as Obama is less black according to some of his hick critics, because his mother was white?  She’s 8-years old for god’s sake and already aware of how we are distinguished by race.

I feel for those people in those African nations that are dealing with this serious health threat.   I think in the end that concerned and compassionate human beings in the developed countries will help contain any further spread of this life threatening virus.  Perhaps even eradicate it in due time. I wish I could say the same for the mental health disease that keeps infecting millions in this country.  If medical science wants a catchy name for this virus I vote we call it Lou Gohmert disease.

3 responses to “Louie Gohmert, the Ebola Virus and a Texas 2nd grader

  1. Sand people? Oh yeah, the ebola virus was started on Star Wars. It is a scary, scary virus though. What really gets me going, is that doctors were warning about it 40 years ago, and nothing has been done (until now, when it’s threatening us) because hey, where’s the profit in saving the lives of poverty stricken Africans?

    • “Sand people?”

      It crossed my mind that the “N” word might have been used in place of “people” in the child’s home. That vulgar expression is used in parts of the country where I live to describe Arabs. Maybe not though.

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