The House That Huckabee Builds on Sinking Sands


Michael Huckabee, a 2008 presidential wanna be is once again thinking about throwing his hat into the ring in 2016.   And though he will definitely garner many evangelicals votes from his religious ties, his message on climate change is likely to distance him from many voters living along coastal areas who are experiencing the projected effects from sea levels rising due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW)

This will likely manifest itself in very real terms for the former Arkansas governor as he defies the good sense and the science that says building a beach house on a shoreline that continues to erode from rising sea levels will end in disappointment and likely doom.  Though feeling “blessed” to have a house built with “sweeping views of Walton County’s renowned sugary sand beaches and the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico” it took political connections and some major land improvements to gain the permit needed to build at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

But Huckabee isn’t the only near-sighted individual to mask over the serious threat that could see his expensive new home wash away within a few short years.

The ease with which Huckabee and his neighbors have been able to work around some of the most restrictive beach development laws in the country is indicative of a problem that only worsens as rising seas gnaw at U.S. shores: Americans are flocking to the water’s edge, as they have for decades, even as the risks to life and property mount. And government is providing powerful inducements for them to do so.
Between 1990 – when warnings were already being sounded on rising sea levels – and 2010, the United States added about 2.2 million new housing units to Census areas, known as block groups, with boundaries near the shore, a Reuters analysis found. The analysis did not include Louisiana, Hawaii or Alaska.   SOURCE


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The red edging reflects where sea waters will rise to in the next few decades.  Notice where Huckabee has built his ““sweeping views of Walton County’s renowned sugary sand beaches”.


Huckabee’s poorly planned move should alarm voters about his leadership abilities as it pertains to a future vision for this country.  Though at one time Huckabee appeared to accept the preponderance of science that asserts man’s actions are “very likely” causing the earth to warm more rapidly than natural, causing major climate changes that have proven costly and destructive, he now seems to have been swept up by the denier mentality that thinks the science is all a hoax.  He recently shared the spotlight with the notorious climate denier, Senator James Inhofe on his radio show and together the two mouthed the faux scientific facts about global warming that have been aptly debunked over and over again by experts in the field.  Experts who make up roughly 98% of the climate science consensus that attributes man’s burning of fossil fuels and eliminating vast swaths of forest land to a warming climate that is altering our ecosystem for the worse.


pickyour poison

It’ll be interesting to see what denier tactic Huckabee will use to denounce man-made global warming.  Will he simply deny any global warming is occurring or concede that the earth is indeed experiencing extreme weather conditions resulting from a hotter planet but the causes are not attributable to anything humans do?  Or will he use another approach based on religious fundamentalist interpretations of scripture like that of Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani

All that the bible reveals about climate changed is part of the pre-millennial prophetic message. It does say that earthquakes and violent storms, fires and other natural disasters will occur with greater intensity and frequency as the ‘last days’ approach, but it clearly says these are ‘birth pangs’ for a planet about to meet its creator. It does not attribute any of these portents to global warming or a man-made global carbon footprint – sorry.
After almost a half of a century spent studying and teaching on the prophecies of the second coming of Christ I can say with absolute confidence that this world does not end because of global warming or man-made climate change. It does not play into the prophecies of the last days at all.
The second coming of Christ is not precipitated by the heating up of the planet, but by the burning desire of men to live in unbridled perversion and sin. The world’s last dictator does not spring on an unsuspecting world just going about its business as usual, he comes on the wings of a new intense penchant for everything perverted, liberal and dehumanizing being accepted across the globe.
Homosexuality, abortion, general sexual preoccupation and sleazy self-serving politics and world governance brings the antichrist to his short lived rule over a reprobate and dying world. Global warming will be the least of our worries.   SOURCE

What Bresciani is practicing here is the tradition that has existed ever since the original end time prophecies were laid out in the Book of Revelation failed to occur during the time they were supposed to – the first century AD.  According to the author who conveyed his apocalyptic nightmare in this last book of the Bible, all would happen shortly. (Rev 1:1-3)  But when the years drew out into decades that drew out into centuries and doubt began to invade the minds of the new-found religion’s followers, the leadership revised the prophecies to make “the time is near” bend to a more distant date yet to come.

Bresciani is just one of the latest hucksters some 2000 years later to exploit the cataclysmic visions in Revelation for purposes to keep hope alive among the faithful that the so-called inerrant word of God will not fade into obscurity.  There are of course many flat Earthers like Bresciani that exist even today and those who fervently believe that the earth is no more than 6000 years old and the sun revolves around the earth. 

There hasn’t been a recorded time in the Church’s history that they haven’t tried to convince its flock that the time now has finally come for scriptural prophesies to occur.  AGW will play into this charade that will sadly prevent people from taking the necessary action to stop something that humans have contributed to.   The extreme weather that climate change will effect won’t happen in rapid succession with angels inflicting “harm [to] the earth and the sea” as prophesied in Revelations but gradually over the coming years as higher concentrations of atmospheric green houses gases like CO2 and methane continue to be emitted from the burning of carbon-based fuels

Though the Bible has much to offer for some people that gives comfort and solace during the trials in their life, the larger prophecies about the planet and future generations continue to fall short.   Yet the religion of lost causes continues to preach its message of salvation from a sinful world, not realizing and perhaps not even caring that their misguided efforts are leading them to fulfill the dark hallucinations of a single man who wrote of such things over two thousand years ago.



There’s an old gospel hymn I recall from my church-going days called “My Hope is Built on Solid Rock” whose refrain goes:

On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Huckabee and others may want to put their faith on metaphorical solid rock as this hymn implores them to, but I would extend this advice to the physical world we actually live in as to where they should build their McMansions too.

There may be some merit to Bresciani‘s claim that the world’s last dictator will come “on the wings of a new intense penchant for everything perverted, liberal and dehumanizing being accepted across the globe”,  but he won’t be the transexual parading down Broadway on Gay Pride day but more likely the Fat Cat watching from his ivory tower on Wall Street – SORRY.

Trust the science on climate change; not the homophobes who see all our problems engulfed in gay and lesbian desires.


15 responses to “The House That Huckabee Builds on Sinking Sands

  1. On Twitter I notice just how many issues and problems on the Right are blamed on the gay thing…….that fixation should turn many ‘reasonable’ voters off for the coming election….if not I weep for our future.

    • That’s what you get for entering The Twit Zone. Since all thought is limited to 140 characters, simpleminded, hateful, bullshit triumphs.

      For example, “God did it”, “global warmins a fake”, and “God hates fags” all fit very nicely inside The Twit Zone’s limit. However, scientific explanations, nuance and anything approaching rational thought just doesn’t fit in there.

      “Formats tend to reformat the people that use them” – Sedate Me.

      • Good comment and good point…..the only thing Twitter is good for, at least for me is up to date news….and Facebook I would not use at all…they want too much info for my liking…

    • Money talks where shit floats. Google clearly saw their brand being tarnished so the pull out, though appreciated, wasn’t necessarily the “do no evil” guide their motto suggests

      • Oh no doubt John and we’ll take what we can get without any use of violence.

        My concern is that the wealthy elite will forget how bad they need a middle class and a reasonable distribution of the wealth lest they forget how previous civilizations fell. There’s a good piece on this by John Michael Greer here

  2. oh it promises to be another grand circus in 2016…Apparently Carson has already thrown in his tinfoil hat…can Herm Cain and the rest of the loonies be far behind? Huck has become a farce, let the ringmaster snap his whip and bring on the menagerie of clowns…

  3. I get rather bemused when I read all this, and see the seriousness with which creationists are taken. I just don’t know where to start. I can’t envisage such a debate – on biblical grounds – taking place anywhere in Europe. They’re just silly. And its rather alarming that this nonsense seems to be taken so seriously. Out of interest, do you think it would be possible for a politician to be elected US President if he said he didn’t believe in God?

    • “Out of interest, do you think it would be possible for a politician to be elected US President if he said he didn’t believe in God?”

      Not in the foreseeable future Elaine. To get a grasp on America and its religious mentality that has hijacked the politics in this country I recommend Kevin Phillips’ American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCentury

      Howard Dean who ran for President in 2004 was leading in the polls but once it was revealed that he was not a faithful church goer his numbers began to slip and he lost out to John Kerry. I was knocking on doors trying to muster up votes for Dean back then and I ran across one elderly lady who simply told me she was going to “vote for the Christian” as she slowly shut the door in my face.

  4. Mind you, people refused to vote for Labour leader Neil Kinnock in the 90s because he had red hair. Seriously. Odd though that Christianity is taken so seriously, and at the same time the Simpsons are a hit show. Now if Homer Simpson ran for President….

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