Gee Willikers! It’s Sarah – Again?



Sarah Palin is back.   “Did she ever leave?”  some may legitimately ask.  Not really but she apparently hasn’t been getting the media exposure she both craves and vilifies simultaneously. So she’s created her own web TV channel, with no “media filters”, cleverly called the Sarah Palin Channel.  It’s being touted as “your channel” however, where freedom of speech only costs you $9.95 a month.

And though this version of Palin Unchained may allow her to bypass those obstacles she claims diminished her stature, it has been the absence of historical and scientific filters that’s reduced the tundra queen to the level of an imbecile.  When you make up your own version of reality that conflicts with evidence-based research or omit large chunks of it to fit an agenda, you’re bound to find your foot in your mouth often.  And you have to be a contortionist to do this when that mouth is on a head that’s already up her ass.

Saying she wants to create “ a community where we’re going to be able to share ideas and discuss the issues of the day”, I suspect that what the former beauty pageant star really wants is a platform to keep her image in the limelight and a sounding board to berate godless, socialists liberals, especially Barack Obama  Who better to tell us about the President’s leadership failures than someone who failed n her own role as Alaska’s governor.

Along with the snowbilly’s personal world views, subscribers will also get glimpses into her personal life such as how to be a parent.  (Spoiler alert!  Nothing about that conversation that apparently didn’t occur between her and Bristol about safe sex and condoms).  There will also be recipes that will be fun to shoot and kill from a helicopter before skinning them and preparing Palin family staples, like tacos and chile. (see below)

And if you ever had any doubts about what kind of country Palin and her supporters want to take America back to, here’s one image she’s posted initially on her web page that will give you a pretty good indication.


“Free the slaves and give women the vote???  Never!”

The image of virile, white men looking angrily as if Alexander Hamilton, a strong nationalist, just crossed their path or perhaps an effeminate town cryer who loves to wear his powdered wig everywhere he goes, speaks volumes to what kind of America Palin harkens to.  And trust me on this one.   If a single shot musket was all we had to worry about today in our gun crazed society, registering fire arms would never be a consideration.


It is of course a picture of an America that no longer exists except in the minds of those most likely to cough up $9.95 a month and sit in front of their computer screens salivating over the 50-year old former beauty queen’s every move and comment.  Many I’m sure who reacted much like the National Reviews Rick Lowry did in 2008 following Ms. Palin’s performance in her debate with Joe Biden.  To Lowry her wink “was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing.  It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America.”  How many men excused themselves following this evocative interaction and made their way to the bathroom or their man cave with sock in hand?



A sample of her personal life that one can only guess is supposed to portray her as just an ordinary American is this brief video where she tells us about her food choices, especially her versatile use of moose meat


Sarah shows us hotdogs made of moose meat that are “heavenly”.


“The best thing about this moose meat” Sarah tells us, “is its versatility.  I would make … like tonight I’ll make spaghetti.  We always go back to the staples.  We’ll do tacos,  we’ll do … uh … chile, I’ll do some kind of casserole.  I’ll use this ground moose and caribou just like you would hamburger”.

She becomes titillated telling us about the hot dogs she makes from moose.  “You slice ‘em.  You put cheddar cheese on them.  A chunk of cheddar cheese on them. Then you bake ‘em.  Oh my gosh they’re heavenly” 

But Wait! There’s more.

“But!  The gold for me, the protein gold is our halibut”, she informs us as she reaches down and retrieves a freeze pack.  “Willow caught some halibut this last summer and I think right now this is my favorite food.  Halibut baked a million different ways, then beer-battered or deep fat fried”.  I love fish Sarah but I’ll take deep-fried catfish any day over your halibut.

Then she ends it with what comes across as somewhat smug.  “Anyway our freezer is full of this organic gain that we harvest ourselves and I’m glad I get to feed my children this good healthy stuff,”  she says.  It’s kind of like an in your face to the poor people of America.  “See what I can do and you can’t “ she suggests with her little assertive head nod, fist clench gesture at the end.

This may come as a shock to Palin but the people who are hurting the most, the ones she claims she wants to help “find solutions” to the problems that affect them, are likely not to have a freezer load of meat of any kind, or nutritional food of any kind on a regular basis.  49 million people in our nation currently live in homes that are identified as food insecure Sarah – “meaning that they do not always have access to adequate amounts of food to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, according to data released by the USDA in September 2013.”  Part of this deficiency stems from GOP efforts to cut food stamps from working families making minimum wage and struggling to put 3 meals a day on the table for their kids.

Maybe we can convince Sarah to spend a portion of that $9.95 a month from subscriber to go towards the growing number of food banks around the country to alleviate this problem.  But then I think there would be the problem of getting her to address her state of denial that such Americans exist.

The entire segment is only a little over a minute long and the only thing I took away from it was that some Alaskan moose has sacrificed itself for the palate pleasures of the Palin family. God bless American moose – or is it meese?

Sadly though, informed commentary is probably going to be lacking if her opening comments are any suggestion:

“I want to talk directly to you on OUR channel, on my terms and no need to please the powers that be.  Most importantly, I want you to talk directly to me.  That’s what I’m most anxious about.  Hearing from you.  Together we’ll go beyond the sound-bytes and go through the media’s politically correct filter and things like Washington D.C.’s crony capitalism.  We’ll go around all of that.  We’ll go directly to the root of the problems confronting America.”   SOURCE

Ms. Palin seems to think that crony capitalism in D.C. is something to “go around” and that it is not the root of any problem where money now dominates political campaigns and corporate-modeled legislation floods the state houses in this country.

The founding fathers are likely to be rolling over in their graves knowing that a flash-in-the-pan like Palin can milk 15 minutes of celebrity to dumb down America, pretending that replicating 18th century lifestyles will serve as a solution to what ails us.  I do however recommend the viewing of Palin’s program for the social scientist interested in studying the behavior patterns of an American subculture stuck in the land that time forgot.


Some said they found trace’s of what might be considered prehistoric moose meat in the denture cavities of what’s being called palinderthal

18 responses to “Gee Willikers! It’s Sarah – Again?

  1. “When you make up your own version of reality that conflicts with evidence-based research or omit large chunks of it to fit an agenda, you’re bound to find your foot in your mouth often. And you have to be a contortionist to do this when that mouth is on a head that’s already up her ass.”

    OK, you got the coveted Spat-Coffee-Across-My-Keyboard Award for that one!

  2. Palin’s target demographic has shown itself willing to buy almost anything that’s put out, so long as it’s emotion/anger based against the left – or those “un-American types.” I have doubts she’ll be successful, I think her moment of fame is running out!

    • ” I have doubts she’ll be successful, I think her moment of fame is running out!”

      I agree Scott and this will likely become apparent as the Wasila WingNut attempts to demonstrate her limited wisdom about major issues, as she does in this clip about the current war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

      Does she quote learned men or women who have years of experience with this region or people who have studied the conflicts between the Jews and the Palestinian people? Nope. Instead she tell us she is “going to cite two unlikely sources to shed some wisdom on the current war over Israel’s land and Israel’s right to exist”.

      And who are these two definitive sources that will validate the Israeli government’s justification for demolishing nearly every inch of Gaza? Shock jock Howard Stern and has-been comedian Joan Rivers, both by the way who are of jewish descent. The quotes from both of these people are emotional tripe and are hardly founded on objective considerations.

      But for Palin and I’m sure some of her devotees, this will seal the deal for them on why killing innocent children and other civilians in Gaza is justified

  3. I feel your pain, but really, this woman is comedy gold. She needs more air time, not less. We ought to invite her to the Edinburgh Festival, she’d probably win the Perrier award. You know she made up that word, refudiate? And when told it wasn’t a word, said, ‘Shakespeare made up words, why can’t I?’ Because he’s a renaissance genius, and you’re a twit, Sarah. Tah!

  4. gosh, that Sarah. she sure is, well spiffy. I am inspired, though…..I think I will launch a ‘jimm’ channel….cover all the important things in life, like beer and donuts. subscrips for only 3.95.

    oh, and by the way, do not pay the ransom…. I have escaped and am now realtively safe in Pakistan.

  5. well, I was, at first, safe in Chicago…..but I was wearing my Packer jersey…..Pakistan seems much safer in the overview.

  6. How many men excused themselves following this evocative interaction and made their way to the bathroom or their man cave with sock in hand?

    Uh, do I have to answer that honestly? I want to bone that woman almost as much as I want to split her skull bone open and let the pea inside fall to the floor and roll around. Although, I swear she’s starting to look less “Mama grizzly” & more “Grannie grizzly”, so I may soon become less conflicted. Once the looks go, thankfully, so may she.

    This attention seeking imbecile gives even attention seeking imbeciles a bad name. She honestly makes Bush look good. He had a marginally functioning brain, but decades of hardcore boozing was at least partially responsible for his incomprehensible moments. This woman’s brain never worked. Palin is so bad, she’s almost incapable of rising to the level of being stupid. (Me either? No Sarah, it’s me neither!) She’s a straight up fraud artist completely devoid of any substance. The only one thought capable of lodging in her head is shameless self promotion. It’s stunning how nobody on the right calls “bullshit” on her. They should treat her like the plague she is.

    • ” She’s a straight up fraud artist completely devoid of any substance.”

      Her background that honed who she has become I’m certain is her training as a beauty queen. The fake smile, the public speaking persona, the overly friendly mannerisms are all taught to win beauty contest. There’s nothing on public display that resembles what being human is really like

      • Yup, exactly what I thought from the second I learned she was a beauty queen.

        Good ol’ Fargo Barbie still numbs ’em with her looks & flirty, cutesy, attitude then clumsily vomits up whatever she thinks her audience whats her to say. Most of them are only half paying attention anyway and aren’t very deep thinkers themselves, so it works.

        She could never have gotten away with this dimestore shit before America became a nation of shallow imbeciles focused purely on the skin deep; a toxic culture always seeking to be mindlessly entertained that obsessively avoids any serious thinking…even in the most important of tasks. Even 5+ years after she’s been completely exposed & debunked, we (and I include both fans AND foes) STILL want her around because we’re either stupid enough to fall for this lame shit, or we want her to entertain us.

        No wonder America’s in the shitter.

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