Foot-in-mouth Limbaugh Advocates Sexual Abstinence


Perhaps without realizing that he has done so, Rush Limbaugh has suggested that women abstain from having sex unless they want to get pregnant.

“Pregnancy requires actions that have consequences.  And yet we treat is as a great imposition that women need to be protected from. … they wouldn’t have the problem if they didn’t do a certain thing.  It’s that simple.”  SOURCE

Did you really think this statement through Rush?  Limbaugh’s “simple” suggestion implies that the human sex drive is a simple thing to turn off.  Never mind either that the pill has health benefits to women that reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

It all began when one of his listeners asked the omniscient Limbaugh, “when did birth control pills become so important to the human condition that the federal government requires every insurance policy to cover them?”

Some may want to suggest that the youth culture of the 60’s brought on the age of guiltless sex.  But I suspect many conventional married men and women, especially in lower income brackets, were glad to engage in sexual activity without fear of stacking one pregnancy on top of the other.

He was irate that anyone suggest that company health insurance policies should have to provide contraception for female employees in their coverage as opposed to dental and eye exams that are clearly not “mandated”.

Limbaugh then opines over the airwaves, “Which is worse?   To go blind from lack of regular eye exams or to get pregnant?”  But Limbaugh’s inference that women withhold sex unless they want to get pregnant can also cause blindness.  Well maybe not blindness but mental breakdowns for sure.

This begs the question then – has Mrs.  Limbaugh been taking her husband’s advice?

going blind

Words also have consequences so if women take Limbaugh’s words to heart masturbation will see an uptick.  Good news for the porn industry.  If you don’t have a prescription for a Viagra-like product, your sexual arousal impulses are only a few clicks away.

You have to wonder too if the mouth with the golden microphone is stupid enough to expect even his own audience to constrain their sexual urges until the woman are ready to give birth.  Isn’t this the expectation usually employed by women who are raped by men unwilling to honer the Nancy Reagan model to just say no?

So what’s an option people have if women are to refrain from sexual activity unless they want to get pregnant?  Let me suggest one.  Ignore idiots like Limbaugh.

14 responses to “Foot-in-mouth Limbaugh Advocates Sexual Abstinence

    • It was a stupid statement Donna but Limbaugh’s not as stupid as his devoted listeners are and this was said to excite them.

      How have you been lately?

  1. “The primary beneficiaries of birth control benefits are men.”

    I suspect Limbaugh was aware of this even as he spouted his moral platitude about women over the air waves

    • “Shame his mother did not take his advice…….”

      It’s likely that after laboring and delivering him she remained abstinent for life. 😉

  2. I hope every one of the dumbasses who listen to Limburger take his advice on this one. Let’s hope ALL Republicans start practising (Nay, perfecting!) abstinence.

    Only then will America stand a chance.

  3. “Let’s hope ALL Republicans start practising (Nay, perfecting!) abstinence. “

    Suggestions like this are of course never intended to be taken serious when applied to the moral hypocrites themselves

    • Well, even if half of them could cut their reproduction in half, that would still be a major long-term boost for mankind.

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