Will the NRA Gun Nuts Challenge the TeaParty Gun Nuts?



In a convoluted style, some conservatives and libertarians are attempting to do the same thing to government agencies that they claim the government is trying to do to them.  What blows one’s mind is that the same people who are calling for more border security and protection from real or imagined threats of terror, seem to be suggesting that guns are not an essential part of this strategy.

The Justice Department is updating a report on how armed the federal government is.
It will be the first time Justice has addressed the topic in six years, and it comes as conservative and libertarian complaints about an excessively gun-happy government have intensified.
The issue was central to the recent controversy generated by a stand-off between right-wing rancher Cliven Bundy and agents from the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada.      SOURCE

Fearful that reactionaries and lunatics like Cliven Bundy will be out-gunned by those who are entrusted “to uphold the Constitution of the United States”, it appears that conservatives and libertarians seek parity so many of their over-the-top responses to breaking the laws of the land will create a level shooting field when push comes to shove and attitudes refuse to compromise.

Not that I support a heavily armed government outside of the military and not that the threat of an overpowering police state isn’t a legitimate concern but the argument by conservatives and libertarians about a “gun-happy government” seems hollow in light of the fact that they have consistently backed a gun-happy society where damn near anyone should be allowed to buy any gun they want and as many as they want.


Do they not think that one condition is conducive to the other?   Are they unaware that people who are expected to enforce the laws of this land are often confronted now by a hostile element who think they are excluded from the  law They’re also likely armed with military style weapons that many conservatives and libertarians have made possible with changes in the law supported by gun manufacturing lobbies like the NRA?

Though one can see why zealots of 2nd amendment rights defend this, it will be interesting to see where those lobbyists for the gun industry will stand on this issue.  Will the National Rifle Association (NRA) back their belligerent anti-government stand and support those conservatives and libertarians, who claim that an armed society prevents tyranny?  Or will we see reactions from them that will show us what they are really all about and defend the industry’s right to make a profit from selling guns to anyone and everyone who wants one?  Their silence on this issue, it seems, would indicate that they oppose anything that impacts the profits of our country’s death industry.

Like the Koch brothers who backed the fringe element of conservatism to get their laissez-faire economic views out in public view, only to have it backfire from libertarian purists who oppose the crony capitalism that has made the Kochs filthy rich, the NRA now faces the same dilemma in their support of gun advocate extremists who want to inhibit guns sales to a vital faction of the gun manufacturers’ profit base.

To date I have seen nothing on either the NRA official website or it’s legal arm, the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) that has commented for or against this attempt by conservatives and libertarians to block the sale of guns to government agents.

You would think that their arguments that are hostile to liberals who attempt to enact some sane gun control legislation on an excessively gun-happy society would equally serve to oppose actions by conservatives and libertarians who are attempting to impose limits on an “excessively gun-happy government”

I love it when irony exposes the fools who get caught up in their own buffoonery.

NRA'sloveof guns

4 responses to “Will the NRA Gun Nuts Challenge the TeaParty Gun Nuts?

  1. “I love it when irony exposes the fools who get caught up in their own buffoonery.”

    That was going to be my comment!

    Your line, “create a level shooting field,” deserves a round of applause and a trophy!

  2. I was lucky enough to escape my frozen home on native land for two weeks this winter and go to Florida while my neighbours continued to be found frozen to death in their driveways.

    While in Florida, one member of my party had a sore throat. She went to buy some cough-drops. Shockingly, they refused to sell it to her without showing ID and having her name entered in a database. The “justification” for this is that cough drops can be stockpiled and used as an ingredient to produce meth. Thus Florida “needs” to monitor her purchases of perfectly legal products that don’t even require a doctor’s prescription. (If this really was such a dangerous product, you’d think that insisting on prescriptions would come before compiling databases on innocent citizens, wouldn’t you? Not in today’s East Germany America!)

    Meanwhile, I expect I (a Canuckistan citizen) could wander into a local gun show and come out with a military assault weapon and a few thousand bullets without the government putting me in a database of potential suspects. That’s because guns and bullets are perfectly safe and legal products, the users of which need no monitoring or tracking, right?

    • WTF? So how would they possibly be able to link anyone’s purchase of cough drops to a batch of meth? Now THAT is an over reach of insane proportions. The idiots who come with this shit haven’t got a clue how effective or ineffective this is, they just want the public to think they’re doing something about the “drug problem” in their state.

  3. these folks have a million safes in their tiny brains, each with a factoid they hold dear, hidden deeply away where it cannot be contaminated by other factoids that shock of all shocks, CONFLICT.. They don’t see it, and will never see it…Only a total lobotomy will cure them…sigh…

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