Wheel of Friction


A twit that only a corporatist could love


When you don’t feel you are getting the attention you think you deserve (for a sociopath it’s a matter of need) say something stupid on Twitter or Facebook and watch how the boards light up.  It’s exhilarating, even for so-called celebrities like Pat Sajak.  You know, the plastic man who co-hosts Wheel of Fortune with Stepford Wife imitator Vanna White.

The man barely has the personality of a rock so it comes as a surprise that he would say something so disconnected with his base of knowledge essential to doing nothing more than standing in front of camera and robotically reacting when contestants get the word clue correct.  For those who are still living in a cave the inane commentary of Sajak’s that wasted space on social media recently alluded to climate science and those who represent it.


Clearly the man who is likely an android and takes pain pills to compensate for his efforts at smiling was surprised to find that even though you may only have 20 Twitter followers, one could well be a member of that group your comments will offend.  Once that happens then your stupid comments go viral as did Sajak’s pathetic attempt at humor.  How do I know this was an attempt at humor by the walking cadaver?  Because less than 24 hours later Sajak himself assured us it was nothing more than an immature prank at harassing a hornet’s nest


 So Sajak thinks such antics are fun, eh?  Wouldn’t be surprised if he thought giving wedgies to people or pulling a chair out from underneath them was equally fun.  No doubt it was for him.   Money says Nelson Muntz was the character on The Simpsons that Sajak most identifies with.


But there ARE people out there who have espoused this very same stupid sentiment without indicating they were only joking.   And the scary thing is they may be right.

Now it really can’t be unpatriotic in a democracy to inform the public about what science knows thus far about how our actions impact our environment.  We have in fact relied on science to demonstrate cause and effect when God doesn’t always answer our prayers in a timely manner, or worse, chooses not to answer them at all.  But Sajak’s comments ARE appropriate if we only think we live in a democracy when in reality we really exists under the authority of a corporatocracy

Thus, when the climate science challenges the energy corporate view that CO2 is pretty much harmless and their impact on the greenhouse effect is essentially nil, WELL, now there is room to label someone as unpatriotic.  For the corporatists it is our patriotic duty to put free market principles above all else and those who champion them at the highest levels – the CEOs of large financial institutions and multinational corporations.

As loyal consumers we are expected to live up to the ideals of mass consumption and worry not about such irresponsible behavior because as we all know, the American “can-do” spirit will eventually find a solution for the problems we have created just in time to prevent our total destruction but not a second before every drop of profit can be gleaned from exploiting all of our natural resources for the further enrichment of our fearless leaders – the wealthiest 1%.

So don’t be too hard on Pat Sajak, he is after all as one witty blogger noted  “just Pat Sajak! He’s a game show host, not a scientist. Apparently he’s a game show host prone to wacky conspiracy theories, but just a game show host.”

I would suggest however that Sajak is slightly more than just a game show host prone to wacky conspiracy theories.   He is also a lovable puppet that is willing to promote a weak version of the American dream.   Only in America can you have absolutely no talent and yet get paid handsomely to encourage people to perform in a manner where dignity has no place.

Most people actually realize that their dream to achieve financial security in a corporatocracy is slim to none so why not substitute it for being the clown in a game show where a market zombie and his female companion are paid to pretend they are excited for you.

 Job security is over rated anyway.  Wheel of Fortune is where the real money is.

23 responses to “Wheel of Friction

  1. He doesn’t even have the capacity to be embarrassed by that asinine comment. And what hornet’s nest did he stir? No one paid any attention to his position on global warming – the twitter world has mocked him for the sheer stupidity of the comment. He’s a corporate shill who’s still looking for that better gig, knowing full well it will never arrive. Sadly, there’s big money behind the deniers and they don’t really care how stupid they sound. Repeat something enough and people who are dumbasses will believe it.

  2. Hey don’t be too hard on old Pat…It’s pretty hard looking at your 3 x 5 card and reading, “yes there are 4 t’s”…A lesser man might not read this well.

  3. Wheel of Fortune is extremely passe. So is PZat Szajack….I mean, he still needs to ‘buy’ a vowel after all this time. e i e i o….and sometimes y.

  4. This is yet another example of why politicians and celebrities should NEVER use Loserbook or enter The Twit Zone. (Or anybody else, for that matter.)

    Because of the forced brevity, combative nature and immediacy of these formats, irregardless of the context you intended you will inevitably say something incredibly stupid under your real name that will LIVE FOREVER. Just because you can “delete” something doesn’t actually mean you can actually make it go away.

    Only a complete imbecile uses their real name on the Internet, but you’ve got to be even stupider if you have anything to lose. Pat Sajak should do exactly that… say-jack. He has a LOT to lose. He’s got an incredibly easy, secure, well paid, gig in a business that resembles The Walking Dead. But no! He was a little bored one night and risked it all for the quick thrill of “kicking a hornet nest”. Perhaps he should take up Russian Roulette next. Moron!

    Social Media is ego quicksand. Step into it and you inevitably drown.

    • ” He has a LOT to lose. He’s got an incredibly easy, secure, well paid, gig in a business that resembles The Walking Dead.”

      Exactly. He was a neutral figure, vanilla in every fashion. Now he will always be the oddball to people who were indifferent to him.

      • Such is the destructive power of “social media”. It can turn the “vanilla with legs” into pustular plague carriers in the blink of an eye.

        We are all just one misstep from the public stockades. America hasn’t really changed that much since Salem, has it?

      • “America hasn’t really changed that much since Salem, has it?”

        Actually it had but it does seem to be reverting back to some of its old bad forms of behavior

      • Good to get the scoop on the Salem comparison from somebody who was actually around back then. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. The Internet made me do it.)

  5. What a bizarre man. If you said that in Britain, its so over the top people would think you were trying to be funny. Was he really being serious? (And someone should tell him his grammar is rubbish) Also, I like Nelson Muntz.

    • “except to maybe check-out Vanna.”

      The zombie Stepford Wife?? A delicate situation if sex is in play because then all of her cosmetic surgeries become compromised. 🙂

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