Thursday Humor

Get Your Goat



The expression “get your goat” is supposed to connote anger or frustration from something someone has said or done

But here’s a goat, albeit a small mountain goat, that got me in this snap shot caught by  Donald M. Jones and posted on MSNBC’s browser page for May’s “Must See photos”.  Rather than anger or frustration it elicited a sense of humor from me.  Here’s the 10 best one-liners I could come up with for this shot.   Got one better?   Post it in the comment section.

10. Peek-a-boo.  My oh my!  I see you from my third eye.
9. Damn paparazzi!  Always around on your bad hair days
8. I think I stepped in something not of my own making
7. Skitters is finding out what happens when you mistake Elmer’s glue for heavy cream
6. Damn that sun is blinding.  What the hell was in that grass I ate earlier?
5. I got a who on my what?
4. Mama, what’s this pink thing poking out of my tummy?
3. Ow!  It hurts my eyes to look at Madonna when she’s not wearing make-up
2. Uh, oh!  Here comes one.  Got a match?

and the number one response is

1. Hey!  Cliven Bundy!   I got “your negro” right here


16 responses to “Thursday Humor

      • “Had Nazi Germany been a corporation instead of a national government, Hitler would have received a golden parachute and would’ve died of old age in a gated community in Boca Raton.”

        That is likely spot on. It’s clear now that the patients are in charge of the asylum

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