Thursday Humor

Beware the Wrath of God?

Following a miscarriage of justice where a 7-11 store manager in Salem, Massachusetts fired an employee after she gave two cups of coffee to a homeless man trying to weather the frigid cold night on his own, God sent a strong gust of wind to knock over the store’s outside awning covering the gas pumps to show his displeasure with yet another display of non-charitable behavior.


There was a damaged 7-11 awning but unfortunately it was over 1800 miles away in Denton, Texas.   None-the-less, this all goes to prove a point for those who do not come to the aid of people less fortunate than them.  You are fortunate that the omnipotent power of the universe has a lousy sense of aim.

3 responses to “Thursday Humor

    • Actually he probably got caught up in the notion that there is only one God and thinking there was only on 7-11 unleashed on the first one he spotted. In Texas of course because he is always finding things wrong with people here who claim him as their own. 🙂

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