Thursday Humor

Backwards Ho!


In case there was still any doubt amongst moderate Republicans as to whether they should abandon the GOP for its extremist shift brought about by the TeaParty, let me prompt your inclination with some evidence of the backward and confusing message many on the right send out.

Terry Lowry, a right wing radio talk show host in Houston, Texas sends out some literature called the “Link Letter” every election cycle with pablum posing as information to properly educate voters on what the issues are and who best to vote for.  He’ll promote the ultra conservative, religious fundamentalist candidates over all of the others who, in today’s Tea Party parlance, represents the RINOs within the Party.

My first inclination after seeing this publication in with my other mail was to send it straight to the recycle bin I keep.   But then I recalled I hadn’t found anything to present for my Thursday Humor segment and thought, surely there has to be something in this rag that will give us all a good chuckle.  I was not disappointed.

Now the fact that I even received this literature (and I use the term literature lightly) is the first indication that people within the GOP who try to strong arm voters are already misguided in their approach.  I have been a professed supporter of liberal Democratic candidates most of my life and for someone like Terry Lowry to get me on his mailing list shows how seriously flawed their operation is.

But as Sipsey of “Fried Green Tomatoes” would say, “the secret’s in the sauce”.  Evidence that backward thinking is par for the course for the likes of people like Terry Lowry is demonstrated on several pages that tell the reader that a particular article or essay is continued on another page.  Now the logical process when an article doesn’t follow the very next page is to indicate it is continued on some page further ahead in the publication.  But not in Lowry’s Link Letter.

As demonstrated below, one article that started on page 14 was supposed to be continued on page 11.  I thought how odd that that are sending the reader backwards.  But it got even more ridiculous.  When I flipped back to page 11 it was a piece totally unrelated to the story on page 14.  Down at the bottom of page 11 it indicated that that story was continued on page 8, persisting in their backward ways.  And as you would guess, that story too was unrelated to the one that sent the reader there.  The irony reflected in this chaotic scenario is that the name of article that first piqued my interests was entitled “How to Build The Republican Party Platform”

The sad part of all of this is that all of the articles and essays were actually continued in the logical order where one page followed the next.  Now I suspect most of Lowry’s intended audience would catch this easy enough.  But you can’t help but wonder if there weren’t a few troglodytes who were hanging on to every word they were reading only to become infuriated when they failed to comprehend that they were reading two unrelated stories.  Who knows though?   The confused state most seem to be in anyway probably allowed this all to go over their head without even a raised eyebrow.

Click on the images to enlarge

It all started here

page14IIOn Page Fourteen

Then we proceed backwards to  page 11.


Only to find that we have been led astray.  How typical of extremist, no?


Oh Yes!  There’s one other parallel between this Link Letter deficiency and the extreme right-wing thinking that pervades GOP politics.  We can only assume that Lowry and his staff caught this error before this publication was mailed out.   But rather than concede they made a mistake or to spend the necessary funds to correct it, doing things on the cheap comes more naturally.   Who really cares.

These typos are of little consequence for all whom they impact.  Yet it still reflects a skin flint mentality that we’ve seen in Republican policy decisions that cut spending in areas like food stamps and unemployment benefits which have become a vital life-line for the working middle class caught up in these tough economic times.  Who cares indeed.

6 responses to “Thursday Humor

    • I read that just yesterday John. How fitting. How I would love to see filthy coal slurry running across the estates of those who own the coal mines in West Virginia whose containment tanks leaked thousands of tons of filthy sludge into the river people depend upon for drinking water. A few more actions like this and maybe then we’ll get the attention we need from people who make policy in this country

  1. I’m not certain that 99% of the readers of that rag would ever notice the discrepancies and the leaving off of one story trailing into a completely unrelated one. They can’t connect the dots in real life, anyway. Besides, I’m sure that most of the readers just look at the pics.

    • “They can’t connect the dots in real life, anyway. Besides, I’m sure that most of the readers just look at the pics.”

      You nailed it Jean. That’s the imagery the TeaParty types have given to the once “Grand Ole Party”

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