A Brouhaha Brewing in Texas

abbotatelguaposwithnugentphoto by Al Key/DRC

Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott greets supporters at the El Guapo Mexican restaurant in Denton Monday with his new sidekick, Ted Nugent looking on. (far right, naturally)

Republican goober-natorial candidate Greg Abbot has told Texas voters he likes raving lunatics who also have appetites for young girls.  Well okay, so I have taken a little license with the facts.  But don’t think this interpretation of what the current Texas AG said about his preference for former 70‘s rock star Ted Nugent is going to disappear anytime soon.  If the Wendy Davis’ campaign, Abbot’s Democratic opponent, is on top of this, they could make this a 30-second political ad that just might enable her to cut into Abbot’s current 6 point lead in this race.

DENTON – Greg Abbott defended his appearance Tuesday with ’70s rocker Ted Nugent, saying he’d rather be associated with the abrasive Motor City Madman than be Wendy Davis connected to the president.
“I don’t think there is anybody in the state that is disliked more than Barack Obama,” Abbott said after a get-out-the-vote rally with about 75 supporters at El Guapo’s restaurant.
Abbott, the attorney general and Republican front-runner for governor, came under fire after inviting Nugent to join him on the campaign trail.    SOURCE

In my hometown of Denton, Texas, Abbot met with Republican supporters in a popular Mexican restaurant.  An ironic twist since Abbot has to give the Texas TeaParty, who he needs for the primaries, the appearance that he is anti-immigration.  And we all know here in Texas that illegal immigrants to the right-wing establishment means those who come from south of the Texas border.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the El Guapo Restaurant’s owner made certain that any and all illegals that were working for him had the day off before Greg Abbot and Nugent, his virulent anti-Obama bull dog, came to town.  Even with a wink and a nod between Texas politicians and the business community, some things shouldn’t be taken for granted.

But the take away story here isn’t illegal immigration.  It’s the fact that the man who would be governor and who “has touted his office’s Internet Crimes Against Children division” has invited someone strikingly similar to a pedophile to join him as Abbott makes his march for the Governor’s mansion following the elections this November.

When asked by a Denton Record-Chronicle reporter why he was traveling around with the has-been head-banger musician he replied that Nugent was a strong advocate for the Constitution and the 2nd amendment.  Yet Abbott hid behind an “I can’t read everything” comment when informed about Nugent’s history with sexist remarks and what Nugent himself referred to as an “addiction” to underage girls in a 1998 documentary on VH1 Behind the Music,

“It was hopeless. It was beautiful,” Nugent said on the video.  “I got the stamp of approval of their parents. I guess they figured better Ted Nugent than some drug-infested punk in high school.”  SOURCE
Ted Nugent's:  Every right-wing father's ideal man for their daughter?

Ted Nugent: Every survivalist father’s ideal man for their daughter

Right Ted.  As if these girls only had those two choices.  Evidently their parents must have thought so.  Most fathers, and some mothers, may share Nugent’s alleged zeal for the Constitution but few of them would see Nugent as a suitable husband for their little princess.  He’s referred to Hillary Clinton as a “cunt” and “worthless bitch”, and refers to “fat chicks” as something toxic and who represent the entirety of the feminist movement because they don’t “get [laid] often enough?” His cover choice for his 2007 album entitled “Love Grenade” (seen below) was so degrading to women that the producers fortunately had the good sense to reject it.

lovegrenadealbumcoverAn image of women that only a misogynist could love (Yes, that’s a grenade in her mouth)

In his latest insult toward women, while touring with Lt. Governor Abbot, Nugent referred to Wendy Davis as “disgusting”.   When asked by a reporter “if he wanted to comment on Davis’ saying she was ‘disgusted’ that Abbott was campaigning with Nugent, he said, ‘She’s good at being disgusted because she’s disgusting.’”

Nugent likes to brag about his “natural highs” advocacy that repudiates what most rock stars seem to fall victim to with drugs and alcohol.  But let there be no mistake, Nugent is not a classy guy.  He tolerates no equivocation with his right to own any gun he chooses and heaves excrement on animal rights advocates who challenges his right to “kill it and grill it”.

In a 1992 radio interview, Nugent referred to Heidi Prescott of the Fund for Animals as a “worthless whore” and a “shallow slut,” asking “who needs to club a seal, when you can club Heidi?” He was ordered by a court to pay Prescott $75,000   SOURCE

So one has to ask themself, why would Greg Abbot bring along a foul-mouthed misogynist and likely statutory rapist when the image of the GOP continues to be viewed as one that holds women in low esteem?  In a state which at last census count showed women to be 50.3% of the population and where the white, male base for the GOP is shrinking, is Abbot hoping that the favor he is trying to curry with the anti-liberal, anti-Obama and anti-government troglodytes during this primary season will not carry over to the general election?  If Wendy Davis wounds up as the victor in the Governor’s race this November, many a political pundit may well say that this misstep with Ted Nugent is what cost Abbot the race.



Greg Abbott flees reporter questions about Ted Nugent, Wendy Davis uses the rocker to raise money    Dallas Morning News

14 responses to “A Brouhaha Brewing in Texas

  1. thank you for this…what a pig he is…always was I guess, but I didn’t realize how bad he was…Thought most of his stuff 30 years ago was for comedic effect…naw, he really is a misogynist pig..truly an awful person. Go Wendy!

  2. If this helps Wendy Davis, then by all means keep this ass around for the whole ride. What is it about Republicans and their inability to choose better spokespersons? And why is Ted not in a treatment center?

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