Thursday’s Bawdy Humor

In Nature We See Ourselves

Nature is a marvelous model for humans in so many ways.  It is from nature that we learn such things as time heals all wounds, today’s problems dissipate in the face of tomorrow’s opportunities and our worst fears exist just before the dawn.

Nature also has a way of depicting the human anatomy in surreal fashion.

From facial escarpments facialescarpment

to ear shaped rock earshapedrock

mammary mountains mamarymountains

and phalic flora phalicflora

But little in nature has reflected that bodily cavity that, without it, would simply make life miserable.  Let me now correct this oversight.

From the Cuncas II tunnel near Mauriti, Brazil we have a display resembling an anal sphincter in the relaxed mode

sphincter relaxedimage by UesleiMarcelino/Reuters

And this fresh-impact crater taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recreates an image of an anal sphincter in its constricted mode

sphincter constrictedimage from NASA/JPL – Caltech/Univ.of Arizona

No need to thank me for filling this void because from this point on any thoughts of the Mars surface and deep tunnels in the earth’s bowels will forever now make you think of a part of your anatomy you seldom get to see, no matter what tomorrow, time or the dawn have in store for you.

You’re welcome.

14 responses to “Thursday’s Bawdy Humor

  1. hehehe, now I saw that Mars impact crater and sure didn’t think of my butt…I’m not sure thanks are in order..

    • Maybe not but the next time a surface shot of Mars comes across your gaze and a smile (or maybe a cringe) comes across your face, you will have me to thank for that reaction. 😀

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