Saturday Humor

Expect the Unexpected

Jeremy and his wife Miriam have been trying to get her pregnant since they were married four years ago.  After visits to their respective physicians they happily discovered this inability to conceive was not due to either having inadequate biological equipment to have children.  Their doctors did recommend that they try and perform sex when Miriam was at her peak fertility date.  Unfortunately on the last two such periods Jeremy had been on unexpected business trips in northern Wales.

But this month looked advantageous to them and Jeremy, ensuring that the stress from work would not diminish his performance, had purchased a package of Cialis® to make sure he would be up for the moment when it arose.  (Damn! Was that line full of puns or what?)

When Miriam called him that morning and notified Jeremy that “today was the day”, he immediately took a Cialis pill and told his supervisor he was sick and was going home. He only lived a 15-minute walk from their flat.  To his chagrin though his ED medication kicked in sooner than anticipated and made walking home quite awkward.affectsofcialis

The good news was that his erection lasted more than four hours so he wore Miriam and himself out taking advantage of her peak fertility date.  Time will tell if it was all worth it.


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