Break Time

Looks a lot like me last Thursday

Looks like someone else got into an unhealthy batch of food

The gods have cursed me.  Last week I was apparently the victim of food poisoning from my own hands.  It seems like three-bean salad you make from scratch cannot be eaten two weeks after you make it.  Anywho.  I took a trip to the emergency room last Thursday to get me fixed up a bit including prescriptions for nausea and diarrhea.

Today’s my birthday and along with a nice Xmas dinner on Wednesday I had my heart set on feasting some.   As most of you know I have been on a pretty strict plant-based diet since January and deviate only on special occasions like the holidays.   But now it seems I can’t even do that.  Curses to what ever parasitic virus or bacteria that attached itself to that salad.   I will scald everything in advance if for nothing else than to kill off any of your prodigy.

So now, for at least a few more days, I have to be content with canned tomato soup, boiled and reboiled, along with some bland crackers.   Needless to say, my composure for writing anything on this blog has been temporarily unsettled.   So, I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as I lay low for a while.

See you in 2014

12 responses to “Break Time

  1. OH, I’m so sorry! But remember; you can always postpone your indulgence and call it a nice Epiphany feast or something, right? I’ll never forget the year when all five of us in our family had strep for Christmas. We had cream of wheat for dinner……

    Be well, and Merry Christmas in spite of it all!

  2. oh bummer…Hope you are feeling better and you have a nice holiday in spite of the food woes…Happy birthday…and next year will be better!

  3. Oh, NO! I am so sorry, Larry. Rest, relax. You can do Christmas dinner any time of the year, after all.

  4. so… three beans walk into a bar….ok…no joke. but let this be a lesson….never mix your beans…one bean at a time. or something like that. Happy Birthday…happy holidays….and next time, go with the JELLO SALAD….

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