Saturday Humor

Sad Ads

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 6.56.22 AM

Really Botox?   You want women to believe that they should spend obscene amounts of money for injections that are likely to result in “localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness. swelling, redness and/or bleeding/bruising” to correct something that a simple smile would achieve?

Now, if you really want to fix a frown wrinkle, might I suggest fixing Worf’s

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 9.19.05 AM


19 responses to “Saturday Humor

  1. Subtle, subliminal psychology; the first image is naturally repulsive, a negative, whereas the second is more agreeable, a halo effect. The advertiser isn’t talking to the rational human being, they’re talking to the persons brain.

  2. I kind of go with the premise that. “if it is Advertised on TV, I probably do not want it.” course, a former girlfriend was real intrigued with the “lasting more that four hours” thing. told her two hours were plenty and go to sleep

    • “told her two hours were plenty and go to sleep”

      Sooooo, there were no extras in the neighborhood you could send rapid alerts out to saying, “Hey gals! I got an extra two hours here. Any takers?”

  3. I find that advertizing on TV is getting worse. We now see the same commercial up to 6 times a night. That makes me very sure that I won’t buy their product. Worse, commercials are lazy, making obvious mistakes about the “reality” they are portraying. Sort of like the Charmin ladies using knitting needles to quilt with. Don’t they even ask real quilters? I figure if they are that lazy, their product probably sucks too.

    • I hear you Sherry. A good marketer doesn’t convey reality but helps you see things through rose-colored glasses. Something that most of us tend to do anyway in some form or fashion. 😦

  4. Scientifically even annoying ads are successful especially if you see them 6 times a night. Like someone previously said— your brain is paying attention whether you like it or not—

    • “Scientifically even annoying ads are successful especially if you see them 6 times a night”

      We tend to believe what we want to, sometimes even knowing it may be a scam.

  5. I’ve completely lost faith in advertising. Seeing over-airbrushed photos of older actresses in cosmetic ads has finally done it for me. How is it possible for faces to have absolutely no pores? We’re all a bit vain. We all have just a bit of hope in us, too.

    • There’s a grain of truth perhaps to most ads but the rest is all hyperbole or fantasy. Pharmaceutical ads are the most deceptive, While exposing you to smiling and engaging people, their disclaimers are spoken in a low key intended not to distract you from the pleasant visuals you are seeing on the screen

  6. This is a pretty good example of one of my biggest peeves, advertising. (I’ve been a member of Adbusters almost since it started.) Advertising is the fuel of the monster robot destroying us all.

    The mental manipulation here is fairly obvious. An unhappy (very attractive) person turns into a happy (very attractive) person. It’s clear the product is not some whatever-the-hell it is, but happiness (and youthful attractiveness) in a bottle. Selling youth & happiness in bottles is the nature of more & more ads these days. Why? Cause, both are impossible to maintain these days. Despite taking handfuls of happy pills every day, folks are still so miserable from their empty lives of mindless consumption that they desire more consumer products to make them happy. Who was it who said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

    The truly hilariously sad part that most will miss is the ad debunks its very own product! It says that only 7.74% of subjects showed signs of “improvement” which means 92.26% failed to improve! That success rate is only 1.74% better than a placebo. Worse yet, the risk for painful side effects is probably much greater than the success rate.

    …and yet millions of superficial suckers will go further into debt to buy this shit.

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