Dear Suzanne, Glad You Can Afford the Greatest Health Care System in the World

Is the "health Expert" you would entrust your health to?

Is the “health expert” you would entrust your health to?

Unless you’re a horny, middle-aged or older male wanting improved thighs, you’re not likely to consider Suzanne Somers as the go-to health and wellness expert.  Yet this is the facade she presents in a column in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal.  Ms. Somers assures us that because she has written “24 books mostly on health and wellness and by using [her] celebrity to get to the best and brightest doctors, scientists and medical professionals in the alternative and integrative health-care world” she is somehow qualified to debase the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as – wait for it – “socialized medicine”.

Based on her husband’s family and the experience she claims they have had with the “socialized medicine” there, Ms. Somers feels she is an expert on how effective the Canadian health care delivery system is compared to what she feels Americans will endure under Obamacare.

Outside the bogus claims she made about Lenin, Churchill and a dog’s care under Canadian law, all of which were later “corrected” by the WSJ, Ms. Somers’ understanding of what Canadians have and what the ACA delivers is not surprisingly off the mark.  In Canada the health care delivery system there doesn’t work with the private sector in supplying health insurance for its citizens.  It IS the health care insurer.  The ACA helps subsidize small businesses and low-income earners to purchase private insurance which is a far stretch from actually being the government controlled health care she claims it is.

But the absurdity of all this lies in Ms. Somers’ opening statement about how her ability to pay for the costly health care services that we have in this country is somehow equivalent to all other Americans’ ability to receive such exclusive care.  Like Mitt Romney and other people who are the wealthiest 2% in this country, Ms. Somers has no understanding of what it’s like to live on a low to middle-income wage job and pay for insurance whose premiums “for a family of four is already over one-third of the median household income of $50,000” and with deductibles that will actually cost consumers thousands out of their own pocket before their health care coverage even kicks in.

People like Ms. Somers need to quit fooling themselves about the alleged evils of socialized medicine that other advanced societies have established.  They also need to to come to grips with the fact that their own personal experiences are not the defining measure of what does and doesn’t work in critical areas like health care.  Only then can we have an intelligent and engaging dialogue on how best to alleviate the shame of the world’s wealthiest economy in how it treats most of its people as hangers-on for simply wanting what they have a right to but has been put out of reach for them by a failure in our economic system.

21 responses to “Dear Suzanne, Glad You Can Afford the Greatest Health Care System in the World

  1. It’s all so very sad isn’t it? Everybody scrambling to make a buck at somebody else’s expense. Everybody with an agenda unstated trying to bamboozle the folks who are so in need of such a basic thing…decent health care. It’s shameful.

  2. One has to ask why the WSJ though that Ms. Somers had the standing to write a credible OpEd piece. She was all they could come up with for a “health care” expert? Oh, I forgot. The WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdock. Never mind!

  3. “One has to ask why the WSJ though that Ms. Somers had the standing to write a credible OpEd piece”

    Might it have something to do with the older white male population who read the WSJ and her ability to arouse their “interests”?

    • That is remarkable. WSJ must have had some empty column inches that day, so they chose to run an article from an empty-headed ninny. GEEZ. This is the kind of dialogue morons are having and morons are listening to.

      • If you think about it though Jean and connect the dots, Rupert Murdoch, vis a vis his FOX cablevision enterprises, does have a thing for blondes. And whose more blond than Suzanne Somers?

  4. Universal healthcare (cradle to grave) works fine in Australia. There is the private option, but the difference between care/delivery is not great. It’s also only 7% of the GDP.

    • I’m pretty sure universal health care works well for most people in every country that has institututed it. It’s something that the wealthy try and keep under wraps however.

      • There’s an awful lot of corruption tied to it here in Brazil and that doesn’t help. Australia is pretty much corruption free. A politician misusing his parliamentary phone card (he let his son use it to phone overseas a few times) caused an absolute uproar a few years back and he was hounded out of office. That said, I have private insurance here only because the public hospitals, although good, are crowded.

      • “There’s an awful lot of corruption tied to it here in Brazil and that doesn’t help.”
        No country or health care system is immune from corruption to some degree. Medicare fraud here in the U.S. amounts to about $4 billion a year. This from the private sector who robs this program with padded bills and scams on seniors.

        ” That said, I have private insurance here only because the public hospitals, although good, are crowded. “

        Just shows that there’s a greater need for affordable health care services.

  5. I never really liked her. The show was dumb…she played a dummy… I am guessing she voted for Sarah Palin.sometimes life does not change…once a dummy.

  6. I think you’re being a little too harsh on ol’ Suzanne (who still looks pretty hot for an old chick), famous people always know more than us non-famous folk, so we should always heed their advice. 🙂

    • “famous people always know more than us non-famous folk, so we should always heed their advice”

      It has at least been profitable for people like Somers. Can’t say the same for all of those who have bought into her fantasies.

  7. First off, Woodgate, thanks a lot for destroying all the entries in my 3’s Company Spank Bank.

    As a bilingual, igloo dwelling, socialist from Canuckistan, I can authoritatively say that Obamacare and Canadian Medicare have nothing whatsoever in common. I suppose the biggest similarity is that everyone wanting health insurance is covered (website pending). But that only translates to UNIVERSAL insurance coverage. From what I understand, every civilized nation on Earth has offered that for decades. That is no more “socialist” than ANY other government law on the books. What’s at question is Socialized Medicine.

    Anyone who thinks Obamacare is Socialized medicine is a complete imbecile who doesn’t have the vaguest clue what socialized medicine actually is. It is health care (or the insurance paying for it) provided and paid by the government. At absolute minimum, you need at least a Public Option, the ability to voluntarily choose public healthcare insurance. That was never included in Obamacare because Obama had his testicle-ectomy preformed upon being sworn in. Apart from a slightly expanded Medicaid (and only in states willing) there is NO government expansion into health insurance. Outside of Medicare, Medicaid and Vets (who will die of old age before their claims clear), all health insurance remains private.

    And yes, it apparently DOES take a Canadian to tell most Americans that…which says a hell of a lot all on its own.

    Canadian Medicare isn’t perfect. (After all, it’s still run by human beings.) Yes, certain procedures can be kind of slow and there are waiting lists. Part of the reason for waiting lists is that everyone can afford to get in line to be treated! Individuals on waiting lists are generally prioritized based upon need/quality of outcome and has nothing to do with what you, or your insurance, can pay.

    Everyone is covered and it’s been free with proof of citizenship since the mid 60’s. Yes, one can legitimately argue if the quality of care is better or worse than in the US. But given the nature of health care, everyone will be using a different metre stick. (ie heart bypass vs hips vs being allowed to die because you have no insurance, etc)

    However, something nobody ever mentions is the fact that Canadians have equal access to the American system. I don’t know about County hospitals. But just like any American, we can buy private US insurance or whip out some US bills and get EXACTLY what Americans get.

    So, no matter how you slice it, Canadians have a better healthcare system

    • Thanks for that explanation SM. Now let’s hope Ms. Somers discovers this for herself. As for your spank bank loss, have you considered Gretchen Carlson? 🙂

      • Thankfully, I had to look up Gretchen Carlson to be sure who she is. I see her on clips of the Daily Show all the time. It’s amazing how somebody that “smart” (Stanford, Oxford) can play such a complete blonde bimbo on TV. She’s right up there with Chrissy Snow.

        The Gretchen I thought you were talking about was Greedy Gretchen, also of Three’s Company fame.
        She’s more up my alley.

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