Cutting Their Nose Off to Spite Their Face

In action that clearly is seen by most people as a “circle the wagons” defense, the GOP leadership has further restricted their efforts to broaden their base and become a more inclusive Party.  A move that will surely hurt their chances to expand their political control, on the national level at least, for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

The GOP’s governing body approved a resolution on Friday barring NBC News and CNN from partnering with the Republican National Committee in hosting 2016 presidential primary debates. 

Members of the RNC, gathered in Boston for their Summer Meeting voted to bar NBC News and CNN from participating in 2016 debates due to forthcoming projects about Hillary Clinton planned by both network. They approved the resolution by a voice vote.

The resolution states that the RNC would not “partner with (CNN or NBC) in the 2016 presidential primary debates nor sanction any primary debates they sponsor.”  SOURCE


“We’re done putting up with this nonsense,” announces RNC Chairman Reince Priebus following a vote to ban CNN and NBC from holding RNC-approved primary debates this fall.

This cut your nose off to spite your face move is a reaction to CNN and NBC’s plans to show documentaries about likely 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  A move RNC chairman Reince Priebus, feels is “an attempt to show political favoritism and put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election,” despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has yet to declare her candidacy or that either network has finalized any such programming.

The GOP has to date pissed off many voters, leaving the white, male christian category serving as their only reliable voter base.  By preventing their exposure to those moderates and independents who tend to watch CNN and NBC, the GOP runs the risk of losing yet another presidential election that may be determined by the smallest of margins.

What’s surprising about this move on the part of the Republican leadership is the belief that anyone other than political junkies would be effected by this restraint.  Who would waste their time watching this sincere-less performance of presidential wannabes when they can watch better performances from a proposed CNN reality show with traveling chef Anthony Bourdain or the hairmeister Donald Trump’s, The Apprentice.

It’s hard to imagine that there is any significant ad revenue either that comes from these staged events so why would a Party that suffered a blistering defeat in 2012 go out of its way to limit their chances even further just to stick it to these two networks who won’t bend over for them every time they pull their chain.  Of course, both networks are always looking at their bottom line so if their over paid consultants indicate they could lose ratings share from these Hillary documentaries, we may indeed see them bend over and polish their derrieres for the Party who often yells the loudest about constitutional rights, but only when it seems to benefit their self-interests.

I hope the powers-that-be at CNN and NBC stick to their guns.  Perhaps to further chastise these two networks Priebus and company will bless the viewing public by refusing to inundate those networks with political ads.  A move that will surely turn even the most zealous conservative away from their loyalties to the GOP-controlled FOX network for some badly needed relief at the height of the political election season.


Reince Priebus Hypocrite


11 responses to “Cutting Their Nose Off to Spite Their Face

  1. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s a clever pre-emptive move to ensure the lowest possible viewership during the race-to-the-right circus led by such (ass-)clowns as Bachmann and Santorum?

    • Well it does focus on the primaries where only the most rabid participate but clearly inhibits any opportunity to encourage those who are capable of thinking outside that dark hole they’ve put themselves in.

  2. Once again, showing just how small-minded and idiotic this party can be. I wonder if they’re truly worried that some of their female, more moderate constituents might be swayed and reject the Republican party this time around. They certainly have good reason to do so. Of course the RNC will flood those networks with political spots – Donald Trump alone, who plans on purchasing the Presidency this time around, will be most visible.

    • “Donald Trump alone, who plans on purchasing the Presidency this time around, will be most visible.”

      How can he not be visible with hair that big? 😀

  3. my immediate, intermediary and final thought on the subject of the GOP boycott, is who cares? I mean really who does? Sincerely and seriously huh?

    • “who cares? I mean really who does? “

      To that which would benefit them, very few I suspect Sherry. But to that which could serve to reduce their numbers in congress and state legislatures, this is information we need to share with people to demonstrate how exclusive these people really are. We need to show the people who are not political ideologues or even politically aware that there is a Party who would deny them certain information simply because it may have consequences on their own interests to gain power. This self-serving attitude is a story that people need to be confronted with often so once we get them motivated to vote they will vote for those who don’t think and act like the Reince Priebuses of our time.

      I’m simply sick and tired of the power struggles in this country from any Party that have nothing in common with raising the economic and social justice conditions for millions of people across this land. The ideological, self-serving, power hungry efforts of the few that exploit what’s left of our democracy for their own gratification is pathological and is destroying something that once gave us and others around the world the hope that oppressive regimes would ultimately be defeated.

      The GOP and slowly but surely the Democratic Party are becoming a tool for the plutocrats in this country. We are at a threshold of human history, I believe, that will either turn most of us into economic slaves or will see a wellspring in changes that restore a level playing field for those of who labor all our lives only to fall victim to a system that is stacked against us and in favor of a wealthy elite.

      Now, somebody please help me down off of my soap box. 😉

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