7 responses to “Absolutely THE Best Video on Stupidity – EVER

  1. Hysterical Larry. I posted it to my FB page and will send it on to some really stupid teabirchers I know. Thanks!

  2. Totally laugh-out-loud(-and-startle-the-dog) quality…. thanks for that, I needed a good laugh. Carlin was one of the best, too! 😀

    • ” what’s even funnier, is when you go to Sleepthinker.com , the Stupid pill is all sold out.”

      Carlin would have appreciated that too. An absence of critical thinking has always been lacking, even with those who think they have all of the answers.

  3. Interesting Vid, though it does miss out on the fact that many geniuses are socially inept.
    IQ/EQ, together are best. Independent of each and the world definitely gets interesting. 😉

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