Sunny Thoughts


A change of pace for me.  Yesterday was a good day and it was aided tremendously with the near-perfect climate conditions here in my hometown of Denton, Texas.  A climate that centered around the warming effects of the sun.  So I thought I would share this day in a brief post accompanied by some images of the sun I took as the day progressed, along with appropriate tunes that coincides with the line I linked it to in my post, that just also happen to be the title of the song.  Okay, that last part is going to become hammy as you read but hey! I’m allowed that every now then, no?

It starts out with my morning walk with the pooch and it’s a clear crisp morning with a temperature of about 45 degrees.  I caught this view of the sun peeking through the branches of a magnificent grouping of Post Oaks.  What a good day sunshine is starting my morning off with


When I get back to the house I write a little bit on my blog and read those blogs of most of you who comprise my daily on-line reading.  It’s late morning and I remember I haven’t watered some of the new plants we put in earlier.  Unlike earlier days with the rain we’d been having, I can see clearly now that bright blue sky that was hidden by those clouds.  (I can feel the eyes rolling out there.  Be nice)

late morning

After running to the city landfill to pick up a load of bark mulch that get’s recycled from those residential pickups of tree limbs, I deposit them in a new area where we replanted some cannas from the front of the house an area along the driveway.  I unload what’s left of the mulch for later use on the back side of the house, have some lunch, take a shower and my post lunch nap.  Then about 2pm I go out on the back patio and sit down with a small bowl of grapes, strawberries and cantaloupe and catch these rays   Is that … yes it is. Sunshine on my shoulder  


I spent some time reading Wenonah Hauter’s Foodopoly, an excellent account of the food industry in this country and the pressure they put on small and medium farms to compete with the large scale argribusinesses and the factory farms.  Then I prepared some whoop-ass plant-based tacos with seasoned brown rice, black beans, onions, jalapeno, tomatoes and avocado slices for the evening’s dinner …


… before wounding up later in the same company I started the day with as the pooch and I watch and listen to the sound of sunshine going down.


TGIF – Have A Great Weekend

22 responses to “Sunny Thoughts

  1. I always start my day on the back porch with the sun to get some positive vibes going. Doesn’t always stay the entire day, but I know for at least a few moments, I had that “sunny” feeling. Nicely done LB.

    • Thanks Donna. Glad I enjoyed it because the clouds have rolled in today and the forecast has them here most of the day with a 40% chance of rain tonight (Yay!)

  2. After reading your post, I’ve decided I need to put myself in a far better frame of mind than I’ve been in. I’ve been racing, racing to “get things done.” I need to sit on my back porch today and take in the sunshine and sounds of spring. Thank you, Larry. You have a gorgeous setting there where you are. It’s a slice of heaven and you made a heavenly day there.

    • It does look good here this time of year Jean when things are green. But that all tends to change some when the good ole Texas heat starts barreling down on us. I am working to improve my landscaping that stays relatively green with less watering while taking the heat. Maybe this time next year because there is actually a lot to do here.

      I know you’re not in Montana but as a border state to it you have those Big Skies up there so, yeh, kick back and enjoy it. You and you’re mom have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely post! Those plant based tacos look very tasty. It’s a beautiful day here so for me outside is the only place to be! TGIF – I hope you have a great weekend too! 😀

      • I don’t mind at all! I’m currently living in Connecticut. I just moved here from Nevada in December in order to be closer to my granddaughter. 😀

      • “I’m currently living in Connecticut. I just moved here from Nevada”

        Wow! That’s quite a switch. How’s that climate change difference working out?

      • This might come as a surprise but the climate is not that much different so there’s been no adjustment for me. I lived in Reno, NV which is in northern Nevada – it gets its fair share of the cold and snow during the winter. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is the humidity levels which are totally opposite from each other.

      • Yes, the same thing applies across the state of Texas. High humidity on the eastern side; dry heat out west. I’ll take the dry heat over the other every time.

  4. A walk in the desert each day, and a bit of coffee in the front yard picking goat heads from my walking shoes comprises my start. lol…I’ve been cooking since. And reading stuff online. I read too much online. It ups my pressure!

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