Friday Humor

To give everyone a break from my tirades on “stupid” in my home state of Texas I thought I would demonstrate that “stupid” is not limited to just one state.

dumb republicans

Sex Ed classes in Ohio will become severely restricted if an amendment attached to their budget bill passes both Houses and signed off by the governor.

New sex education standards that would ban any teaching that condones “gateway sexual activity” and allows parents to sue if their child receives such instruction are among the Republican amendments added to the two-year budget bill today.   SOURCE

With such a vague reference its hard to know exactly what could be classified as a “gateway sexual activity” by an ultra-conservative court so in the future here’s a possible example of sex ed in Ohio highs schools.


Teacher:  Today class we will be discussing how babies are born.  There will be a slide presentation and following that we will open it up for discussion.  Gwen, get the lights please.


parents with new born baby-saidaonline


Teacher: Gwen get the lights.   Any questions class?

Student:  Yeh.  Where’s the part about the fairy dust Jesus and the angels sprinkle over the mom to make the baby?


In a related story, an anonymous mailing was sent to all Ohio GOP House and Senate representatives with the following message


Any questions Republicans?


15 responses to “Friday Humor

    • Actually I think they want a source of dumb little babies to keep their businesses running at low wages so their profits can remain high. Keeping kids ignorant about unwanted pregnancies ensures this source is maintained along with strict anti-abortion laws. If we have cheap labor here we won’t need to send it overseas.

  1. You’ll love this one: High school principal threatens to destroy student for speaking out against school abstinence only policies.

    Campbell took it upon herself to contact the ACLU and reach out to the media to voice her objections to the event.

    Aulenbacher, Campbell said, did not take kindly to her actions, ordering her to come to his office, where he threatened to call Wellesley College, which had already accepted Campbell, and tell them she has “bad character.”

    Wellesley’s reaction? “Katelyn Campbell, #Wellesley is excited to welcome you this fall.”


  2. Why are they intent on creating more unwanted children? I do not understand this mindset. I truly don’t.

  3. hold it….waita minute…. you mean to tell me that the stork ?DOESn’T bring babies and hide them under cabbage leaves? Holy cole slaw, Batman!

    • We can neither confirm nor deny that Jim. Doing so may run the risk of making me a target for prosecution by exposing our young ‘uns to potential gateway sex acts. Everyone knows that storks and cabbage patches are sexually evocative.

  4. “gateway sexual activity” – that must be holding hands.

    Sherry–Most religious people seem to want to out-populate people of other religions so that world domination is by the “correct” religion.

  5. Love the one about condoms being the “gateway to sexual activity”. What a bunch of bullshit. Everybody knows alcohol is the gateway to sexual activity; at least it was for me when I was a teen.

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