Really Senator McConnell! You’re Angry about YOUR Privacy Rights Being Violated?


It appears that the campaign of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is highly upset that someone allegedly violated their privacy rights.  This reaction followed the publicly released audio of a private meeting with McConnell and campaign staffers that plotted about how best to deal with an Ashley Judd candidacy they might have to face in 2014.  The tape had McConnell and staffers discussing how they could smear Ashley Judd should she be the Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate next year by using her mental health history and religious views against her.

Jesse Benton, McConnell’s campaign manager, cried foul about the released audio to what he referred to as “opposition research on Ashley Judd”

“This kind of stuff just has no place in a free society, governor. This is Gestapo kind of scare tactics. We’re not going to stand for it. Kentuckians shouldn’t stand for it and the American people regardless of their personal political persuasion should not stand for this.”

“I haven’t seen anything like this in my 15 years doing this professionally. I think it’s speaking to the desperation of the left right now, going beyond the pale of decency that our society should tolerate.”   SOURCE 

Mr. Benton and the Senator’s concern is legitimate but a little misplaced in my opinion.  McConnell has never skipped a beat to support the Patriot Act and its addendums that allow the executive branch the authority to eavesdrop on any American citizen in just about every possible way.

The only difference between what the U.S. intelligence agencies do to American citizens and what happened to the hapless minority Senate leader is that his conversation was made public.  I guess when the reality of what you support comes home to roost it becomes a horse of different color, eh Senator Hypocrite?


10 responses to “Really Senator McConnell! You’re Angry about YOUR Privacy Rights Being Violated?

  1. The MSM is jumping all over the ‘bugging’ accusation….I guess that is more news worthy than is personal destruction of another person…..

    • You would think the beautiful Ashley Judd had a pretty good chance of beating McConnell simply for the pure delight of Kentucky’s citizens seeing her countenance on the evening rather than turkey neck McConnell’s

  2. Republicans live off the theme that whatever we do is “just politics” but whatever is done to them, is sinister, Hitlerite, and condemnable immorality. It’s a hoot to see the turtle squirm.

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