Serious Saturday Humor

He said WHAT?


Those who read my blog regularly know my strong advocacy for critical thinking and my disdain for the antithesis demonstrated by those who fail to use it.   It’s simply amazing to find people in positions of leadership that apparently lack this important skill considering that we depend upon them to make sound decisions that benefit us, or at a bare minimum, do not inflict unreasonable restrictive measures.  Enter Virginia state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli to serve as a prime example of this character flaw.

“My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong,” Cuccinelli said in 2009. “They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law-based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that…They don’t comport with natural law.”   

Cuccinelli, who is running to be Virginia’s next governor, recently petitioned a federal court to reverse its ruling that the state’s archaic “Crimes Against Nature” law is unconstitutional. That statute outlaws oral and anal sex between consenting adults—gay or straight, married or single—making such “carnal” acts a felony. The law is unconstitutional because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated such “anti-sodomy laws” across the country.    SOURCE    

First I take issue with his comment about this being a “natural law-based country” where he and his ideological ilk view corporations as people and money as speech.   But that’s a topic for another post.


Now I realize that Cuccinelli is suggesting that he favors only missionary positions but were you aware, by the count of at least one christian author on the subject, that there are over 200 sexual positions a christian couple can experience and includes the use of games and “ready-made sexual toys.”   This has to suggest that there is more than face-to-face, male-on-top interplay going on here.  There is no biblically based restriction on oral sex or even anal sex between straight heterosexual married couples who also “love the Lord”.

So what’s going on here with Cuccinelli?  It’s okay for Christians to enjoy sensual pleasures but same-sex couples are perverted if they do?  I guess there’s bound to be a certain amount of mental confusion when you’re carrying around a big ole beam in your eye.

what log

What beam?

11 responses to “Serious Saturday Humor

  1. Just you wait…. Cuccinelli will be found with a 15inch purple dildo up his ass, singing kumbaya with a boy prostitute doing lines of coke with a Joel Osteen video playing in the background.

  2. ummm,crazy comes to mind, but it’s such an overused phrase when it comes to the GOP. Apparently these guys have a lot of idle fingers that the devil is having a ball with.

  3. “200 sexual positions a christian couple can experience ”
    an old girl friend and I used to be Bokononists. We once got up to 2391 befor she fell asleep. I got up to 2415 before she finally woke up.

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