Saturday Humor

We’re Number 2 in – WHAT?!?


Americans like to take pride in being number one in all things though that clearly is not apparent in many areas.  Being perfect is a noble aspiration but let’s be realistic here.   Yet the notion that we are below other nations in anything can often stir a competitive nature in some Americans and help push us to the apex of that which we wish to achieve.  So rev up those rivalry-geared hormones you red, white and blue patriots and get prepared to take on the challenger who currently bests the USA in an area that this country was meant to be #1 in.


America is #2 behind the oil-rich country of Kuwait with the highest average body mass index.



So what are we gonna do about it AMERICA!

 Baltimore Ravens Vs. New England Patriots 2012 AFC Championship Game At Gillette Stadium


What have you got to say about that Kuwait?


fat kuwaiti


May I suggest Mississippi as the training ground for our brave men and women to prepare for this huge event.   It already serves as the fattest in the U.S.




 USA!   USA!   USA!



9 responses to “Saturday Humor

  1. God forbid we limit the size of sodas. Bottom line is: you are free, and even have the god given right to put anything ya want in your body. Just not the right to remove everything [read fetus].

    • Limits? True Americans know no limits when it comes to filling their guts. If it has salt and sugar in it and hints of bacon, cheese or both, it will be consumed in large proportions.

  2. I say go for it, if we can all be rich like Kuwaitians. Otherwise, not so much. The south, home of the most teabaggers, are the same ones tell the First Lady to stop trying to tell us what to eat. Can they eat themselves to death I wonder? I’m all for that I think. Hows the new diet coming along Larry? Mine is going okay, and I’ve lost about 3 1/2 lbs. A mere drop in the bucket, but this diet is not bothering me at all, so I can stick with it. Soooo what ya making for Easter dinner. I do think I must have gotten the decaf switched with the real coffee. lol..

    • “Hows the new diet coming along Larry?”

      Since I started in mid-January I’ve lost 13 lbs. The best thing though was after a month and half I had my cholesterol checked and it dropped a whopping 43 points from 229 to 186. My triglycerides were down from 224 to 197. My good HDL dropped a couple of points below the normal but overall my risk ratio LDL/HDL went from 3.39 to 2.96.

      I’m going back the 1st of June to have them checked again and i expected them all to be much closer or right at normal by then and I am hoping to be below 200 lbs. for the first time in quite a few years.

    • ‘Soooo what ya making for Easter dinner.”

      Actually we’re eating at my brother’s house and they are serving a traditional Easter dinner with ham, deviled eggs and all of the stuff we have been avoiding. But you know, it’s a holiday and it’s one day so we will indulge in a little of the food we have been avoiding.

      Stay with your diet Sherry. It will become more gratifying I’m sure as time goes on.

      Happy Easter

  3. Utah surprised me by being ‘green’ since I remember seeing so many people constantly guzzling the diet sodas. I think I remember Michael Pollan saying that the fake sugars tend to lead toward obesity due to a complex insulin interaction… something I’ve suspected for a long time.

  4. “Michael Pollan saying that the fake sugars tend to lead toward obesity due to a complex insulin interaction”

    Yes, I heard that too on his documentary, Food, Inc. The big culprit in our food supply is the high-fructose corn syrup found is just about every processed food product, even those you wouldn’t think required sugar. It’s included to make the food appealing and addictive.

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