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I haven’t used this format in a while but now seems as good a time as any.  There’s only so much you can say at length about morons, extremists and feckless leaders that can be just as easily said in fewer words and a smaller space.  So here goes.

Oklahoma might want to consider changing it’s state slogan from “Native America” to  “美国本地人”

chesapeake china

“China obtained another chunk of North American oil and gas holdings this week, as state-owned Sinopec moved to purchase half of Oklahoma-based Chesapeake Energy’s oil and gas holdings for $1 billion. This follows a flurry of deals that in total put $17 billion of North American oil in the hands of Chinese state-owned oil companies.”    SOURCE

The irony of this is that the biggest promoter in the U.S. Senate for fossil fuels, Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe, is also the most vocal critic of that energy’s source effect on increasing man-made climate change.  Oklahoma is one of three states with the severest drought conditions in the country as this map indicates.

drought conditions

 Nice move Okies.  Keep pumping out that drought generating energy source.  Even Texas is beginning to see the advantages of the clean energy in wind power.

Nervous Nelly?

It’s one thing to be nervous these days and over react to a possible threat of gun violence in schools but when it happens from being unfamiliar with some lyrics from a popular TV sitcom, you know we have reached a level where rational thinking is too often absent.

… a staff member from a doctor’s office called a student at Ambridge High School [in Pennsylvania’s Beaver County] to confirm an appointment. Getting the student’s voicemail, which featured the theme from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” the woman misheard the lyrics “shooting some b-ball outside of school” as “shooting people outside of school.” She called 911, which forced the entire school district to go into lockdown for 30 minutes. Police detained the student for three hours, before determining it was all a misunderstanding.    SOURCE 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire was a popular sit com back in the early 1990’s.  More than likely there’s a small population that is not familiar with this popular program or the catchy hip-hop tune performed by the ever popular Will Smith.  Yet it’s still a little surprising that any of the lyrics would be interpreted as threatening.  The expression “b-ball” in the lyrics was evidently filtered in a way that apparently came out as ”people” in the mind of perhaps a distracted doctor’s office receptionist.

Listen to it here

One scenario that could have contributed to this was that the lady at the doctor’s office perceived the rap music she was hearing in a negative fashion and in the words from an earlier music artist, Paul Simon, she heard what she wanted to hear.

This could have had nothing to do with it but in today’s tense socio-political environment with gun violence in schools happening far too frequently, it is clear that people are on edge at even the slightest suggestion that yet another tragedy like Columbine and Sandy Hill will occur.


Mitch McConnell and Obama – Kindred Spirits

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell got a taste of what Michelle Obama has had to endure since her husband has become President.   Defending their spouses American citizenship.  In a tasteless tweet put out by a volunteer for the  grass-roots organization, Progress Kentucky,  McConnell’s wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, had her birthright disparaged and her status as an American citizen challenged.

“This woman has the ear of @McConnellPress — she’s his #wife,” the group Kentucky Progress tweeted on Feb. 14. “May explain why your job moved to #China!”   – SOURCE   

Repudiated not only by McConnell’s staff and other Republicans but the tweet was also receiving critical admonishments from some Democratic leaders, including actress Ashley Judd, who is considering a challenge to McConnell in next year’s election.  A spokesperson for Progress Kentucky, Shawn Reilly, “said the volunteer who posted the comments no longer is affiliated with the group.”

Good.  This was the proper course of action that should be taken towards anyone who inserts race with an underlying message that impugns their citizenship.   And if Senator McConnell says that his wife is a legitimate citizens then that’s good enough for me.

Let’s hope now that when such aspersions are cast on people with no basis in fact that it be put to rest as quickly as possible by all sides.  Are you listening birthers?

7 responses to “Tidbits and Considerations

  1. Funny that we never heard beep (or is it peep?) out of the more vocal nutters on the right about Grover Norquist’s wife being an Arab, and a Muslim…. the HORROR! Or perhaps about the largest single shareholder in Fox being a Saudi prince.

    Is selective racism worse than blanket racism?

  2. Inhofe is an utter ass. Hey did ya hear about the nurse at the nursing home that refused to do CPR and let the patient die? I have still not wrapped my head around that one.

    • Not until I read your account here Sherry. I googled the incident and it appears, according to the executive director of Glenwood Gardens, Jeffrey Toomer where the woman was placed, that all of the patients there apparently have signed a DNR release that prevents staff from trying to keep them alive. Let’s hope this is the case and this isn’t some morbid economic choice by the corporation who owns this facility to find ways to make vacancies available for more soon-to-die elderly.

  3. Never call 9-1-1 for a person with a DNR on file. My understanding is that EMTs are required to try to revive a person. When my sister-in-law was terminally ill he was advised to wait 15 minutes after she died before calling 9-1-1. He did.

    • Yes, we were aware of this when my Mom died a few years back but when she passed while staying with my family we called a bit too soon and the paramedics were there almost instantly in an effort to revive her, against our wishes but without a DNR in hand. Supposedly they look at the bottom of the neck between the shoulder blades to see if an artery is still visibly red, or something along those lines. If it is they proceed with CPR.

      They were so rough on trying to revive my poor fragile Mom that they disfigured her appearance enough to be noticeable at the open casket funeral.

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