Sunday Humor

The Writing is on the Thigh Wall


What kind of man looks at a woman’s legs, especially the upper thigh of young nubile ladies and thinks to themselves, “Something is missing here”?  I can’t ever recall having my head turned by a lovely set of lower stems on the opposite sex and wishing they could me more concealed with marketing logos and information to enhance my appreciation of fleshy thighs.  But if you’re in advertising, no place is too sacred to hawk your customer’s product.

It is a country known for its unique way of advertising. But now Japan has gone one step further with women renting out their bare legs for companies market their products in return for payment.

With the notion that a good advertisement should be put where everyone’s eyes are drawn, an attractive woman’s limbs seem like the perfect idea – and sure enough, the clever marketing strategy is proving a huge hit with businesses all across Tokyo.  

As of November 2012, about 1,300 girls have already registered their legs as ad space with Absolute Territory PR, and the number keeps increasing.   SOURCE   

leg ad

Now naturally the lascivious nature of most men will find this appealing to some extent by allowing us to look at this part of the female anatomy without appearing to be licentious.  RIGHT!  What wife or female mate is going to buy into that BS?

Telling your significant other that you just wanted to make sure the mark down on men’s briefs was really 40% after glaring at an area just inches from another woman’s vagi-gi will probably not pass muster with someone who you once told that you only have eyes for her.

The fact of the matter is that any man who still thinks his virility is something to wear as a badge of honor should come out and protest the fact that women’s sensual body parts should be used to create a distraction for what really transpires in men’s thoughts as they eye some shapely female strolling by.

Who wants to glance down at a comely set of female appendages and be reminded that Gas-X helps relieve that bloated feeling after a meal?

Hey Mad Men!  Dayenu – “enough already”.   You’ve already plastered your messages along every highway and street corner, on every football, basketball and baseball stadium and we can’t go seven minutes watching The Deadliest Catch, Duck Dynasty or Myth Busters without and equal amount of time for ads hawking some phallus-shaped road machine, Viagra or LowTesterone hormones.  Now you want to paste your hyperbolic distortions on the softest thing next to a baby’s bottom?  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Have you no shame at all?

7 responses to “Sunday Humor

  1. Funny, but I suspect that we are bombarded with so much advertising that we tend to tune it all out. Even this sort of insanity once the novelty wears off.

  2. WHOA… I think it is A GREAT IDEA! I;m gonna advertise my blog! I know just the woman…have the right body part picked out…..She said I could apply the ad myself (I have just the right crayons too!) She only wants $20….say, Larry, can you spot me the twenty until the next millennium or so?

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