Sunday Humor

A Demonstration of How Dumbing Down Doesn’t Work

another ass wipe in Alabama

Dale Peterson, who has just discovered that going to the bathroom before shopping Wal-Mart is better than not doing so


Dale Peterson, a former Republican candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner known for an ad hitting “thugs and criminals” that “don’t give a rip,” says he will attempt to get a shoplifting charge dismissed.

Peterson was stopped by employees at a Wal-Mart after taking a shopping cart of beer and paper towels past the store’s cash registers without paying. He claims he was rushing to the bathroom, not trying to steal beer.   SOURCE


A smarter man would have known that though Wal-Mart buys cheap Chines goods, they can afford to supply toilet paper in their bathrooms.  And you might want to wait on emptying your bladder from the last 6-pack of beer you consumed before starting over.



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