Who da Man?

In an attempt to present himself as someone who is courageous and manly, House Speaker Boehner tried to cast the President as a coward, afraid to make the necessary spending cuts Republicans want with entitlements programs.

“I think he’d like to deal with it [fiscal problems], but to do the kind of heavy lifting that needs to be done, I don’t think he’s got the guts to do it,” House speaker John Boehner said in an attempt to bait the President to buck his party on the issues of Social Security and Medicare.     SOURCE 

You know, when you want to talk tough in politics first you must have a set of policies that engender the people to your point of view.   The GOP already has a strike against them in this category.

But then you have to select someone who reflects this tough mindedness who can convince the country that they are the strong leader that will put this country back on the path to recovery.

So why would you send this guy out to browbeat the President on budget issues?


Strike Two

If you’re going to send someone in orange skin out to challenge the commander-in-chief, the orange M&M is likely to be more intimidating than the crybaby-in-chief.

orange mm

And how would such an encounter wound up between these two?



17 responses to “Who da Man?

  1. My WTF moment was Rubio’s speech when he said that the prez is relying on failed policies from the past…….my first reaction was….what the Hell is trickle down economics that the GOP still clings to…..it is a FAILED policy……

    If both sides have failed policies from the past….would not NOW be a good time to try new ones?

  2. Raising minimum wage to $9 is pretty gutsy.

    I love the M&M analogy.

    Yes, if the GOP wants to win over intellectuals, they at least need to appoint a more appealing color. Blue maybe. I believe that studies show that is the most approachable.

  3. I completely loathe the Republican response after these speeches. They trot out their faux testosterone and try to sound like the toughest, baddest guys on the playground. Yeah, as though stonewalling and obstructionist behavior ever got anything done. Idiots.

  4. I can only hope that the American people step up at the next election. This gridlock in Congress has to stop now. Unfortunately, I fear the propaganda coming from the right is too thick for our brothers and sisters to see through.

  5. Well said! John of Orange is hardly one to talk about cajones when the fool can’t control his own caucus, and slinks away defeated by them with regularity. Me thinks me smells a rat.

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