Saturday Humor

Solace Six Feet Under


Looking somewhere to make a killing on your investments?  Then death may be right up your alley.

surround sound casket

Fredrik Hjelmquist, a Stockholm music & video equipment store owner, designed a coffin with speakers that would provide solace for grieving friends & relatives by allowing them to create a playlist for the deceased & update it online. ‘This is really rock ‘n’ roll, I think, but at the same time beautiful,’ he said. (© Ints Kalnins/Reuters)

Invest quickly however before this offer expires.

Now, I don’t want to shatter anyone’s illusions about the hereafter but I’m pretty sure that by making Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” the first tune your departed loved one hears is no guarantee that this will open any pearly gates.   Equally true then, Uriah Heeps “Fires of Hell” will have little effect on their descent to the master of the dark underworld.

In fact, the only creature that may gain any benefit from music six feet under will be the subject of this little ditty sung by this Paul Stooky look-a-like of Peter, Paul and Mary fame, Robin Morgan.


6 responses to “Saturday Humor

  1. The pranking possibilities are endless, though. At various times, I’ve come up with plans for my own funeral which would guarantee that it would never be forgotten. 😉 It’s a family tradition – my grandfather really was late for his own funeral. 😆

      • I wasn’t there (too young), but my father thought it was a hoot. Apparently, on the trip from the funeral home to the church (75 miles) the pallbearers – all friends of my grandfather – thought it would be a good idea to stop at a bar along the way and have a toast to his memory. Which turned into several toasts. My father said that there the family and other friends were, in the church, ready for the service, and there was … no casket. About half an hour after it was supposed to start, the door opened, and the casket made a rather weaving way down the aisle. 😆 My father’s comment was not only would his father have approved, he’d have bought the first round.

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