Rico Tomaso's rendering of a "Family Sitting on the Back Porch"

Rico Tomaso’s rendering of a “Family Sitting on the Back Porch”

We all need a little space of our own

People need to be able to sit out on their back porch and enjoy life …

No wait!  People need to have a back porch first then sit out on it …

No wait!  People need to have a secure home that has a back porch …

No wait!  People need to have a decent paying job to buy or rent a secure home …

No wait!  People need to feel healthy and productive over the years to sustain them with a decent paying job …

No wait!  People need to know their government will be there to be make sure that private special interests don’t deprive them of affordable health care so they can feel healthy and productive over the years ..

No wait!  People need to be sure that we the people have control of a government that benefits all of its citizens fairly … not just a wealthy, powerful few.  Rich and poor, all skin colors, all cultural and religious variations.   We’re not extremist liberals or extremists Republicans, no matter who gets the most air time in the media.  We are one people who have many ideas and who share a 277 year-old heritage that promises to not allow a single individual or small influential crowd dominate our lives.

Let’s protect THAT above every other partisan idea we align ourselves with.  We are still, ideally, a democracy until we allow ourselves to let wealthy, verbose, well-positioned people, take it away.

Wait for that … and we lose it all.   GET INVOLVED!

 corporate constitution cartoon

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” – Martin Luther King

13 responses to “WE’RE NOT A PLUTOCRACY … YET!

  1. Larry, excellent sentiment but I am afriad that the divide we have in DC will become bigger in the next 4 years and then after if a GOP candidate is elected the Dems will want revenge…..a never ending, ever expanding situation……I do hope I am mistaken…..

    • “I am afriad that the divide we have in DC will become bigger in the next 4 years …..a never ending, ever expanding situation”

      Don’t let that deter you Dr. Chuq. There will always be adversaries and obstacles to progress. You just have to resolve yourself to the fight that is part of that process.

  2. I plan on being more involved in 2013, Larry. I’ve sat on the sidelines way too much. We have some momentum now with Obama back in office, but we still have a lot to do.

    • Good for you Jean. It will take a little extra energy from all of us to see that Obama follows through on those promises he has made and that serve the general welfare.

  3. Yep, the real enemy is not the silly tea people. It’s the corporate control of everything. I’m afraid that capitalism works to a point, and we have long passed that point. It has now taken over and rules us. That is our enemy–the corporation and it’s insatiable greed at any cost.

    • I agree with Sherry. We have the separation of church and state, now we need the separation of corporation and state.

  4. I agree 100%; how do we get involved? Where? How do we work to overturn Citizen’s United? How do we work for banking and Wall St. regulation?
    So frustrated with all of this…..

    • “how do we get involved? Where? How do we work to overturn Citizen’s United? “

      Find that issue that appeals to you the most momshieb and seek out a local grass roots organization. Become an active member where you can. Call and write your congressional and state representatives, write letters to the editor. Don’t stay silent. If only a few hear your voice it is far better than silence.

      If over turning Citizens United is at the top of your list, click on the image of the Constitution in the right column of this blog entitled “Say No to Citizens United” and it will take you to a site where you can sign the petition to over turn it. Then at the bottom of that site are locations around the country where people are organizing against this with locations near you.

      My sincere wishes for you that you find the courage and energy to do all that you can to see that our government does get restored to what is was intended to be

      • Thank you!
        I am a frequent correspondent with all of my elected officials (for the record, only former Sen. Scott Brown, who I didn’t support, ever directly answered me on any issue…..). I have been marginally involved with Occupy, but they seem to have gone away. And I’m a local Green Party member. Still….I feel so powerless on most of this! Going to check out your Citizen’s United link; thanks!

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