More Gun Violence

Will we continue our cowardly ways of dealing with this social disease or will this become the pivotal point where we stand up to the merchants of death in this country?

Another senseless mass killing from gun violence occurs in Newtown, Connecticut

Another senseless mass killing from gun violence occurs in Newtown, Connecticut

What is the message we take away from the Newtown Conn. school mass killing?  When crazies do things like this, what could conceivably motivate them to take another human life and then, in a lot of cases, their own.  Anger and rage are likely a part of it aimed at someone or some idea represented by those they kill.  But if this is part of this insanity, how would that apply to killing children so young as 5 years old whose lives have yet to develop any ideological bent that would offend the meanest advocate of some world view?

We’ll never know.  And after the shock and horror of it all subsides we will once again fail as a society to take concrete action to address the source of all this pain – easy access to weapons of destruction and their increased firepower.  The zealots of 2nd amendment rights will evoke the bogus fears about how their right to own guns is being threatened and demand even greater access to such weapons.  Some with the belief that this will really help deter those who would engage in such horrible actions.  This falsely presumes of course that we’re dealing with rational people.

There is only one sure answer to reduce the gun violence in this country and that’s to find the courage in enough people to finally stand up to the Wayne Lapierre’s of this country and shout down the fear-mongering that declares any restraint of gun sales is somehow a slippery slope to despotism.   The ardent defenders who see the 2nd amendment more than just the necessity of establishing a “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state” have convinced too many Americans that private ownership of small arsenals of deadly weapons are truly what the founding fathers envisioned for future generations.

Human fear buys into to such nonsense too easy and it is this fear that the makers and devotees of guns promote to make sure we don’t think outside that box they have created.  We see the violence on TV and it overwhelms us.  Our fear allows these scenarios to explode in our mind thinking that we’re next and that only by equalizing our chances by possessing a gun or guns will allow us to sleep safer at night.  It’s a myth we allow ourselves to take seriously because we are reticent to admit that we are too afraid and uncertain.

The Second Amendment does NOT guarantee the right of any and all citizens to own any and all kinds of guns.  It DEMANDS, in the name of national security, that we regulate it.

NEVER let assertions of the so-called “sanctity” of the 2d Amendment bully you into thinking it guarantees unregulated weapon ownership. It does NOT.   SOURCE

It is this fear that ties us up and prevents us from taking charge of the gun manufacturing and sale of weapons in this country designed solely to kill; just like other nations have.  Because of the laws they have in Britain, only 39 people were killed with guns.  That same year there were over 9100 people killed with guns in this country.  The silly argument that people kill people, not guns, is lost on that victim and their surviving family members who was the 20th person killed by someone who had the means to kill 20 people before having to reload.

We can make fortresses out of the schools and treat children entering each day as potential threats in order to save them but will that really stop another mass killing that we just witnessed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?  I do not think so.  If there is one message the shooter in this tragedy was telling us, it was that there is no safe place from people like him.  As long as we make it so easy for such people to purchase weapons of mass destruction, NO ONE is safe.  And all the fear mongering and twisted logic to continue a way of life that allows this country to buy weapons in the fashion we have become accustomed to will only prevent us from doing what needs to be done.

“God will not have his work made manifest by cowards” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


8 responses to “More Gun Violence

  1. I posted a comment on a thread from Glenn Beck’s show so I could keep track of what people were saying the overwhelming majority agrees with Mike Hukabee, that what happened was because “we took God out of our schools.” It’s hard to seek real change when there are so many with that mindset.

    • There’s was also this from the right wing American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer:

      “You know, the question’s going to come up — where was God? I thought God cared about the little children, God protected the little children. Where was God when all this went down, and here’s the bottom line. God is not going to go where he is not wanted.” SOURCE

      Of course he is presuming that none of the people or children in this school wanted his version of God in their lives but even if this farcical notion were indeed a fact, then why do people like Fischer keep trying to force him on everyone, including those who don’t accept their version of God?

  2. And yet around the blogosphere I read the same sad excuses. We must not let them get away with this again. We must demand gun laws with teeth. I’m sick of this.

  3. Because they took God out of our schools? That just pisses me off – they also seem to be saying God is a government regulated entity. Look, I can understand an argument that gun control won’t solve the deeper cultural problem. I don’t agree, but it’s worthy of being part of the conversation. I don’t understand those that tie it to religion, or those who think arming everyone will stop this (if everyone is armed, you just get more mistakes, killing and the police won’t know who the bad guy is!)

    • “I don’t understand those that tie it to religion, or those who think arming everyone will stop this”

      Such senseless crimes often evoke senseless responses. Clearly these people are more interested in promoting an established view than they are thinking beyond such baseless conventional beliefs

  4. Well said. I think a lot of folks are gonna start looking at this whole issue a lot sooner than they wanted to. This country needs a major “attitude adjustment” concerning guns and violence. I
    It cool see a lot of the bloggers we mutually follow also addressing this tragedy.

    • I have a post coming out tomorrow Hans that focuses on what I think the core problem is with these tragic shootings – a void of mental health awareness and resources

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