Warm Wishes to You All

Spend time laughing, loving and sharing with those you find yourself surrounded with today.

And please keep in mind and support those underpaid over-worked employees at Wal-Mart who are risking their jobs by going on strike to seek better working conditions.  I know the low prices and Black Friday specials at Wal-Mart are hard to resist, but remember those prices are low because of the cheap foreign labor markets they buy from as well as the un-living wages and benefits they offer their employees.



11 responses to “Warm Wishes to You All

  1. I hate China-Mart more than any other (non-military-industrial complex & non-financial industry) corporation. And that says a lot. I’ve had a permanent boycott on them for over a decade.

    Canada has its Thanksgiving in October, thus retaining the integrity of the holiday (aka giving thanks not just a kickoff to the greed of X-mas) As for the day after US Thanksgiving, I’m a Buy Nothing Day kind of guy.


    • What a great ad that was to buy nothing. I too have been boycotting Wal-Mart for years and will likely never shop there until they realize the true value of of their workers.

    • I did Hans. Thanks. We have food left overs out the kazoo, especially something I never tire of – white rolls. A little butter and some jam will make up part of some breakfasts for the next few weeks. 🙂

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