Sick of the Political Campaign Season? Me too.

Now for something entirely different for the Woodgates View blog – SPORTS.  Never fear though.  Social and political issues are my mainstay and will return shortly after my mind and body recoup from this ball buster 2012 Presidential campaign

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones in happier times when hope sprang eternal for “America’s Team”.

Start packing your bags Jason.  Jerry’s on the hunt.  How do I know you might ask.  Well, of course I don’t know for sure but when someone asks you a direct question about a possible coaching change because of the Cowboys sorry record so far this year, a non-direct answer is likely an indication that you’re thinking about it.  In a report from the AP today:

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked about the possibility of (New Orleans head coach Sean)Payton coaching the Cowboys if he’s available.

”I have no idea,” he said. ”I have no understanding about anything to do with his or the Saints’ business or their contracts. I don’t have any … that was news to me.”   SOURCE 

Do you sense Jones is stumbling badly.  I do.  But it doesn’t stop here.

Jones insisted that he hasn’t given up on Garrett, who has a record of 16-16 over three seasons and has yet to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs.

”I have a lot of faith in Jason,” Jones said. ”Jason’s future is ahead of him. I know how hard he works. I like his philosophy, so I’ve got a lot of confidence, a lot of faith. One of the brightest spots I see is our head coaching and our coaching in the future.”

Jason’s future is ahead of him?   And to say you “like his philosophy” is similar to telling someone you’re setting up with a blind date that their cute and have a nice personality.  So if this response doesn’t lock it down then I don’t know what would except for maybe something like this:

“Hell no!  Jason Garret is still my head coach and will be for the foreseeable future.  We’re having a tough year but we’re still in a rebuilding stage and I would expect that it will be another season or two for all of our components to finely gel and make a solid, confident team like the Cowboys have known in times past.”

Now Jones could make a statement like I suggested above but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t change his mind in a New Orleans York minute.  But it would remove any doubt for the time being that could bring added pressure to the young Dallas coach and possibly impact his coaching skills negatively.  Everyone knows that Jones is a calculating businessman and loyalty is something he expects from others, not renders to them.

Garret will make some other team a fine head coach or if nothing else, an excellent offensive coordinator.  But the writing is on the wall now.  The patience of Clint Murchison and Tex Schramm is no longer a trademark of the Cowboys owner/management team.  The Cowboy faithful have become accustomed to winning teams and are of course disappointed that we can’t seem to get out of first gear.  But it’s equally frustrating when limelight owner Jerry Jones puts too much stock into terms of wins and losses and flips his coaching staff as often as he does his stock portfolio.

Successful head coach Jimmy Johnson parted ways with the Cowboys and Jones when he discovered he had to tolerate the egotistical, showboat owner.


5 responses to “Sick of the Political Campaign Season? Me too.

    • A valid point Don that I agree with in part. In defense of Romo, he lacks a good offensive front four right now and has been injured numerous times from being sacked way too often. This tends to force any quarterback to hurry their throws and miss their marks. But there are times to when their receivers simply misunderstood the play call or over shoot their mark

  1. I think someone is suffering from the Sesame Street syndrome and hooked on the letter “J”…. …Jerry Jones…..Jimmy Johnson…..Jason ( soft G) Garrett…

  2. Let’s remember it was Tom Landry’s seventh year before he had a winning year. Even the great hero Jimmy Johnson had only one winning season at Miami. Winning is not easy in the NFL and sometimes fame is very fleeting.

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