What’s In a Name?

The depressing state of the current political campaign has been so egregious that even I can’t weigh in much longer.  However that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with this silly season.  In the vein of the bible decoding scams I started playing around with the letters of the presidential and VP candidates’ last names to see if there was anything striking that could be divined from them.  I know.  Get a job right?  If only.

Anyway, I was a little surprised that with the limited choices I had at how well the words I could create seem to reveal prophetic traits of the candidates.

The only rule I made for myself was that I had to use ALL of the letters of their last name to form real words.

So starting with the VP candidates here’s what I came up with

BIDEN – In Bed     Politically speaking, when you are in bed with someone you are supportive and aligned with their ideas and policies.  OMG!  Does this speak directly to Biden or what?  As Obama’s Vice-president Biden has been nothing  but a loyal advocate for the POTUS.


RYAN – Now this one is really prophetic.  Who is Paul Ryan’s role model?  AYN Rand


Romney = R Money (Republican money).  Need I say anything more other than what this 1984 photo of Romney’s Bain Capital group conveys? (Take my word for it.  Those really are conservative greenbacks coming out of their orifices)  


Obama – A Moab.   We all laughed at the Tea Party-types when they chided Obama supporters for treating him like the anointed one but check out this revelation.

Moab was the illegitimate offspring of Lot’s daughter who became pregnant by having sex with her father after she and her sister got him drunk.   Ironically, Moab was the patriarch of the line that eventually gave us King David and ultimately Jesus himself.  One can only conclude, with the logic of Orly Taitz, that the messiah has returned.

“Whoa! It’s Really Him”


10 responses to “What’s In a Name?

  1. You missed the best one. Reince Priebus. Take out the vowels and you have RNC PR BS or Republican National Committee, PR (is) Bullshit. How cool is that?

  2. I was sick of the 2012 bullshit about 1.5 years ago and it’s only gotten worse since.

    – the endless, endless, issue-free, horse racing.
    – the posturing, the lies and the rent-a-policies.
    – the sheer, depth-less lunacy of the core of the Republican party.
    – the ignorance, gullibility and apathy of the American public.
    – the vast quantities of time and money wasted on this bullshit.

    The only thing 2012 has convinced me of is that, no matter who wins, it’s only going to get worse in the long run. We are all fiddling as Rome burns and are arguing about who is the better player..

    • It is frustrating Sedate but no matter what happens we still have to be the dog or cat in the alley keeping the plutocrats awake. Our choices may not be all that great but where there is some difference our votes tell them which way we want to go. But it doesn’t stop there.

      We have to actively participate in the process everyday and against the odds when it seems hopeless. I refuse to become a zombie consumer and I think my kids will be disappointed if I didn’t try harder for their futures.

      • Yup. You can only do what little you can do. But no matter how useless and ineffectual it may be, you still gotta do it, or else you’re part of the problem.

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