Saturday Humor


Are Homeless People Happy Living in Cardboard Boxes?

Ann Romney has gone on-line and asked wiki.answers a question that’s always been a puzzle to her.  Having never had to worry about her financial security, Ann’s question seems concerned about why homeless people make the choices they do regarding their living conditions.

Okay that’s not true.  I was just playing the game they play at FOX News by putting something out there to create misinformation for people who usually don’t keep up with politics.  By the time most of you would have realized that this was contrived, at least 50% would have taken it seriously and retained it within their memory at some level until the day they die.

But someone actually has asked the following question

“Why do homeless people choose to live in cardboard boxes?” 

First you have to be naive to think that this was a realistic choice.  You’d also have to believe that being homeless was a choice I suppose.

But in the vein of this charade passing as a serious inquiry, let’s see what the top ten equally inane answers might be.

10. Cardboard doesn’t cling to you like plastic and remains in place better than newspapers

9. The homeless can more easily pick their neighborhood

8. Many homeless people are in tune with “going green” and participate in this by recycling old appliance boxes.

7. They no longer have an automobile

6. Being rent free and no maintenance, it meets their income levels

5. Once decorated with personal belongings it shows the general public that they are trying to improve their lot in life

4. There’s not enough trash dumpsters to meet demand

3. More amenable for expansion if they want to add a wing to their “residence”.

2. Today’s housing market shortage dictates that they find cheaper accommodations.

and the number 1 reason –  The discriminating homeless person sees cardboard boxes as a status symbol over street curbs and under bridges

Rumor has it that Gretchen Carlson was the person behind this question.

Just kidding again.





Shocker!  Mitt Prefers Big Bird to the Count



I was astounded to discover that of all the characters on Sesame Street that Mitt Romney would say that he loved, it was Big Bird.  At least that’s what he told Jim Lehrer the other night at the first Presidential debates in Denver

Who da thunk.

I would have bet my last dollar that Count von Count would have been Romney’s preference

“$1 million in my Cayman Offshore Account, $2 million in my Cayman Offshore Account, $3 million in my Cayman Offshore Account …    Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah”



9 responses to “Saturday Humor

  1. The portability factor is high on the list of plusses for cardboard homes. I’ve heard some alarmingly stupid things from people in the last four years. I got in a big argument with a woman on Facebook who insists she’s not racist even though she made this comment: “I just can’t vote for anyone whose middle name is ‘Hussein’.” What is even more alarming is the practice displayed by the Republicans to use the very people whom they disdain – the ignorant and less educated – to spread their lies and conspiracy theories – the latest one being how Obama cooked the jobs numbers.

    • “I got in a big argument with a woman on Facebook who insists she’s not racist even though she made this comment: “I just can’t vote for anyone whose middle name is ‘Hussein’.”

      I’m kind of like that but with first names of Willard.

      Come on folks. Have you not seen the two versions of the rat boy Willard

      • Oh, yeah – Willard the Rat. Seems sort of cruel to denigrate rats that way.

  2. Many people are homeless by choice. It’s because the world has eaten them up and they can no longer handle emotionally the responsibilities of normal life. Helping people forge an existence is a challenge. We wound people (25% of the veterans) and then offer them none of the help they really need to readjust to the world we inhabit. Imagine having to live with the memories of atrocities committed before your face, in your name, and sometime by your very hands. And then ask them to accept the insanity of our silly arguments about meaningless crap when the real issues go unchallenged. Oh gosh, I’m getting myself worked up here.

  3. So…. a Priest and a Rabbi and a Minister walk into a bar…. followed by Mitt Romney and the bartender says… I will serve you three guys but, and he points at Romney, please leave that joke outside.

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