Time Out for Me


I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a funk again and rather than force myself to write on something that doesn’t truly stir me, I’ve decided to ease off this week and perhaps even the next.

Writing is enjoyable for me when I am in the right frame of mind and find a topic that piques my interests and motivates me to present it to my readers in a manner that  they can appreciate, enjoy and perhaps even learn a new thing or two.  I know that’s what appeals to me when I am reviewing the blogs of others.

However,I don’t want to leave these pages blank during my temporary hiatus from writing so I will be posting headlines that I feel are relevant reading with a note or two from on where I think the focus should be, unless of course it is so apparent that it would be redundant to do so.


Of course the other thing I can and will be doing is utilizing the skills and talents of my fellow writers and bloggers and share their stories and interests on these pages to tide me over until my muses resurface.  And no one is better suited to start this off than the wonderful humorists and my good friend, Donna Cavanagh.  In this brief presentation Donna shows us that in golf,  not all holes-in-one are equal and can also serve as a parable about why tighter gun control registration is needed.



The Frustrations of Golf

September 20, 2012


By Donna Cavanagh



A teed-off homeowner in Reno, Nevada, whose house overlooks a golf course, opened fire on two golfers playing the 16th hole after one of them hit an errant shot that shattered a window on the man’s home.  Apparently, the homeowner did not understand that when he built his house on a golf course, there was a risk that golf balls might end up on his property. Fortunately, only one of the golfers was slightly injured.   The homeowner, realizing that putting a bullet hole in the golfer might be considered a crime, ran off and was later arrested at an attorney’s office.  The moral of this sordid tale:  A hole in one does not always make you a winner when it comes to the game of golf.


Donna Cavanagh, the Founder of HumorOutcasts.com and the newly launched HumorOutcasts Press, is a veteran journalist whose detour into humor writing has landed her on the pages and blogs of national newspapers and magazines including MORE and FIRST. A former humor columnist for Journal Register Papers, she was a USA Books Contest finalist for her first book “Life On The Off Ramp”. Her two other humor books “Reality: Fantasy’s Evil Twin” and “Try and Avoid the Speed Bumps” are also available on Amazon.com.


11 responses to “Time Out for Me

  1. Thanks Larry! My posts are your posts, LB. I know what you mean about the funks. I have now started to not work on Saturday and Sundays. I used to work, but I was getting so burnt out. The brain needs some rest and I would be upset if your brain and your writing were silent for too long! So, feel free to take whatever you need from HO. My site is yours.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the funk….but I can understand…..it is part of the reason that I am posting some of my youthful poetry……hope that you come out of it soon we neede your informative voice.

  3. Such breaks are good for ya. Do something weirdly different. Just for the journalistic experience! lol…We always have a good time here, but I know what you mean. There are some days I just cannot write about the political scene. It’s the same crap day in and day out. Along something will come, and I’m back at it. So will you. 🙂

    • “There are some days I just cannot write about the political scene. It’s the same crap day in and day out”

      You got that right Sherry and this is part of my funky mood.

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