Beware of Those Who Play With Matches

It’s the developmentally flawed individuals in our world that creates much of the chaos for everyone elseWhere we need mature guidance in pushing our way past the miasma of intolerance, we too often find ourselves being influenced by the worst of the lot.


I’ve been reading the commentaries following the tragic incidences occurring throughout the Muslim world, resulting from a cheesy video that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad.  Perhaps one of the best analysis I have reviewed on this is the one by Scott Erb over at his World in Motion blog

Clearly people are mad about the film, but how many Christians in the US go on murderous rampages over a film?   It’s not that Christianity is any more peaceful at its core than Islam — it’s not.   These events are caused by cultural and political instability that will continue for some time.  (emphasis mine)

This view is also shared by Juan Cole, an expert on the relationship between the West and the Muslim world.

Scott goes on to point out, effectively I think, that such violent reactions are essentially that part of the energy behind developing a democracy.  As devastating as this can be, it is only through a sort of fiery purification that something of substance can remain.  But as I see it, this should not occur as a result of a careless or willful person igniting such a firestorm.  It discredits this transition from dictatorships to democracy when nobler causes are not at the forefront of such violence, where instead ignorance and intolerance play too much of a decisive role in a country’s struggle to remove the bonds of despotism from its subjugated people.

The incident reported to have served as the spark for all this unrest was an amateurish video made by people who are either willfully ignorant of Islam in all its complexities or are impassioned zealots for their own cause that dictates a sense to do whatever it takes to accomplish their personal goals, no matter who gets hurt.  They are in effect, as the influential Arab journalist, Abdel Bari Atwan of al-Quds al-Arabi, puts it, “the best ally of the Islamic jihadist organizations [with their] deep hostility … toward Islam and Muslims …”   

But the video by itself cannot be blamed solely for the riots and deaths that have occurred over the last week at U.S. embassies.  According to a report by Mike Brinker with NBC news:

Although [the video] was posted to YouTube in July, the film only attracted attention in the Middle East after an unknown person recently dubbed it into Egyptian Arabic. That translation, which the man who identified himself as Bacile, [the film maker of the video] told the AP was accurate, has been broadcast repeatedly on Egyptian media in recent weeks after being seized upon by extreme Islamists who dislike the presence of the country’s Coptic Christians.   SOURCE 

This offensive video would have most likely remained underground and perhaps disappeared completely had media hardliner,Egyptian TV host Khaled Abdallah, not broadcast a televised report on it Saturday, September 8th,  followed the next day with denunciations from a prominent Egyptian Muslim leader


The chaos on Tuesday in Benghazi that resulted in the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was set in motion the Sunday before when Ali Gomaa, the grand mufti of Egypt, spoke out against a film that he condemned as “offensive to all Muslims.” He claimed that it was produced by “some extremist Copts” living in the United States. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government followed Gomaa’s lead and demanded a public apology and criminal prosecution of the filmmakers.   SOURCE 


Clearly cooler heads failed to prevail on both sides.  This insulting video was made by hateful religious bigots and does not reflect the mainstream thought of Islam in America or Israel.  Why Khaled Abdallah, Ali Gomaa and even the new Islamist president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi allowed it to go beyond the narrow confines it had been idling in can only be explained in terms of small-minded people who reflect the deep-seated hate of their anti-Muslim counterparts in the U.S. and Israel.

It is people like Terry Jones, the fundamentalist, Muslim-hating preacher from Florida and those responsible for the making of “Innocence of Muslims”, along with their counterparts in Islamic cultures that set fire to the dry brush of religious bigotry that builds up overtime.  Whether they intentionally douse the fuel for flames before lighting it or simply drop a careless match here and there, they perpetuate the constant struggle of these two cultures to resume a more rational relationship that existed before the events of 911 unfolded.

The instability in the mideast and other regions where poverty has pushed millions to the brink of desperation is set to explode further unless more mature leadership takes charge and mollifies the worst fears of its people while being proactive in countering potential threats from the refuse of hate-filled people.  The last thing we need in this country is a Romney presidency that plays into this political pyromania.

His insensitive response to the death of four embassy staff in Benghazi last Tuesday was the Beavis & Butthead style of reacting.   He demonstrates one who hears what they want to hear and use only the elements in a crisis that they can exploit for their own gratification.  Romney’s failure to grasp the significance of his flawed assessment, like those religious zealots on both sides who fan the flames of this age old prejudice, is indicative of those who serve a small-minded view of the world.  One in which promotes a personal agenda rather than seeing the bigger picture that includes the larger community of mankind.


The mandate from those who have put Romney in the seat to represent the GOP for the  office of president are people too close to the backwards view that wants to restore America to some early 19th century model.  Romney may well have been an apt representative of this era but it will not serve us today in the 21st century.  American exceptionalism may be a feel good term for many in this country but it’s an affront to many in the rest of the world and to the Muslim extremists, it’s a direct threat.  It’s the match ready to strike and ignite the tender box of religious intolerance.

Clearly, those who financially supported and produced the anti-Muslim video and their counterparts in the Middle East care less about the consequences that their actions have on innocent people who inevitably get caught up in religious wars.  To them such human sacrifice is the price that needs to be paid to foster the insanity that began when Ishmael was forsaken by Abraham centuries ago.


7 responses to “Beware of Those Who Play With Matches

  1. Religion to me just breeds hatred, but the extremist Muslim world is something I cannot fathom. Everything is a reason for murder. I am at the point where I think we get the hell out, take our aid and leave them to their own devices and put all our money into alternative fuels. We can’t make people see how destructive and anti-human religion is; violence has been pounded into them for centuries. Tired of watching so many innocent lives lost because of freaking religion. Let god handle it.

    • “I am at the point where I think we get the hell out, take our aid and leave them to their own devices and put all our money into alternative fuels.”

      I hear you Donna and I too feel we have just about reached the point where our further presence serves little good. But we are in a catch-22 situation. Just pulling out in this fashion will leave the country’s civilian population vulnerable to the radicals and ultimately not only serve as a recruiting tool for the jihadists but create a condition that we will almost surely have to re-encounter down the road.

      I’m still not convinced however that what the main stream media has shown us about the radicals there, pales in comparison to the bridges we’re building to ensure a safe Afghanistan for everyone and provide a reasonable alliance with their leaders to ensure some stability in the region rather than one that joins forces with Iran to pose a potential threat to Israel. There are those people within Afghanistan that may not necessarily like us there, but they like even less the prospect of returning to a Taliban rule, especially the female population.

      Time may prove me wrong and when I think it has I will be more resolved to just dumping it all as our only option.

  2. This is such an awful problem. Most of us in the US are woefully lacking in knowledge of the seedy relationships we have had in the Middle East with dictators. The people have been cruelly served in most cases and they know that American money and power kept the tyrant in place long past the time they would have been able to effectively remove them. So the seeds of hatred run deep among the minority I would say.

    We need a steady and calm hand on the wheel right now. We should let these things play out without a lot of sabre rattling. They hope to engender an ill-tempered response which they can play upon. Only calm common sense will work here I think. Not the bluster of a Romney who has no clue what is going on, or the instigating remarks of a Bibi.

    Religion gets in the way of things much of the time. People have a bad tendency to touch the ineffable and then define it, box it, and export it. It’s not at all what should happen. It’s mystery, and should always be approached with awe and a certain reluctance to do more than simple “be.”

  3. personally….. I think religion is funny. I mean, really, that loaves and fishes thing….. gees….everyone knows it was really McFish & Fries…. anyways….try this on..

  4. Great cartoon. I agree that’s there’s deeper issues going on in the Muslin world, than being offended by a movie. Reminds me of the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, and Rodney (RIP) King.

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