“You like me, you really like me!”

The Sunshine Award

Sally Field I’m not, but I do share her enthusiasm for being honored with a Sunshine Award nomination.


Writing is something I have always wanted to do from the first time in grade school when I sent an entry in to the Reader’s Digest.  Sadly it was rejected, and rightfully so because it was a long way from where I needed to be.  But I didn’t let that rejection get me down.  It did however motivate me to put my writing career, what there was of it, on hold, but didn’t extinguish my desire to do so sometime in the future.  Little did I know it would be over 50 years before I truly started picking it back up again.

Over the last few years of writing on beginner writing websites like Associated Content and Helium before starting up my own blog here at Woodgate’s View, I have honed my writing skills thanks in no small measures from reading other’s material on their blogs and websites who have not only had that writing itch but have demonstrated great skill with this craft.

So it is with great joy and humility that I accept a fellow writer’s nomination for the Sunshine Award which, as I understand it is in recognition by others who feel their work has been inspired by other bloggers.  It delights me that Tawn Krakowski over at her totallytawn blog has felt some inspiration from my writings because she is truly talented herself.  Thanks so much Tawn.

As a part of this nomination I am expected to answer 10 questions about myself and then nominate 10 others who I feel have inspired me in kind.  What is it about the number ten that seems to be the standard number for lists?  Oh well, here goes.


Favorite Color: Dark Cherry   There’s something about dark reds that appeal to me, like the color of Ann-Margaret’s hair  

Favorite Animal: Man’s best friend.  A close second is the horse

Favorite Number: Five.  Get’s my vote for length of lists

Favorite Drink: non-alcoholic – Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (There’s that red thing again).  Alcoholic – Rum & Coke

Facebook or twitter: Facebook.  I’m too long-winded for Twitter

Passion: Writing.   I know, I know.  Seems like a cop out but at this stage in my life, passions have to be sensible

Giving or Receiving Gifts:  Getting.  Used to be giving but I can’t afford it anymore

Favorite Day:  Monday.  Now that I’m retired I kind of enjoy the day when everybody else has to drag their ass back to work

Favorite Flower: Carnation, Red of course.  It was the first flower I bought my mom for her anniversary back as a lad.  Aaawww.

Favorite Food: Hmmm.  Tough one here.  It’s a toss up between Mexican and Italian with Cajun close behind

Now My 10 Sunshine Award nominations go to:

  1. Jean Calomeni over at her Snoring Dog Blog.  Jean was one of two people who honored me with an award earlier.  For reasons that seemed appropriate then I respectfully declined but I now see that such acknowledgement from fellow bloggers is an encouragement we all secretly seek.  Jean’s work is a combination of her great art skills in water colors along with her wit and acumen that make even mundane subjects lively and interesting.  Jean is also the artist who created my header picture.
  2. Scott Erb over at his World in Motion blog.  As a Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine at Farmington his posts are not only educational but they balance my progressive views with a greater sense of the other person’s outlook on critical issues taking place in our country and around the world
  3. Ronni Barnett’s Time Goes By blog has won numerous awards and mine pales in comparison to those who have honored her career as a writer.  But for her work in the aging process she is an inspiration for those of us who think life doesn’t offer much once we reach retirement age.
  4. Ron Byrnes Pressing Pause blog was one I discovered from the Time Goes By blog list.  Ron too is an educator but is also an active bike enthusiast whose true inspiration for me lies in his stories and adventures he experiences in bicycling competition.  At 50 plus, Ron’s energy is contagious.  As an educator, he’s a student favorite.
  5. Sherry Peyton over at A Voice From the Foothills blog keeps me grinning with her rapier wit and political insights.  I don’t think I’ve read many others like Sherry who can put so much punch into her work.
  6. Donna Cavanagh’s HumorOutcast.com website may not be a personal blog but it is definitely a bright spot to visit each day.  As the site’s creator, Donna has a host of people who contribute to this site, but she also provides daily humor there herself that is so reminiscent of one of my all time favorite humor columnist, Erma Bombeck
  7. Sheryl over at her Spinny Liberal blog is closer to what she calls “a left social libertarian” and offers a blog that is adroit at tuning in on issues that have deep personal meaning for her.  She’s willing to listen to those whom I seldom have the patience for and never loses her cool when the wing nuts approach her
  8. Charlywalker’s blog is perhaps one of the most creative writing blogs I subscribe too.  Charly (not her real name) is a mom, wife, former flight attendant and care taker of her blog’s namesake, Charly the dog.  She has a way of taking a theme and employing every word associated with that theme that gets so cleverly assimilated into her work.  She’s not posting as much as she used to but when she does, prepare yourself to be entertained.
  9. Jim over at okjimm’s eggroll emporium is my favorite midwest yankee blogger who sees himself as “Just a Commie,pinko,socialist,union supporter,intellectual slob”.  With interest that range from nude jello wrestling to death football and pudding taster, you can bet there are no ordinary goings-on at his site.
  10. In case you haven’t guessed yet, I like politics.  Rounding out my list of favorite bloggers is Ted McLaughlin over at his jobsanger blog.  That’s jobsanger as in the biblical Job who got riffed pretty good by the biblical God as sport to show up Satan.  Ted’s a serious blogger and a prolific one.  He has two to three offerings on average each day and each one has a savvy, timeless message to it.


Thanks again to Tawn for “liking me, really liking me”.  It is truly nice to be appreciated by your peers.

12 responses to ““You like me, you really like me!”

  1. You definitely deserve the Sunshine Award. I love red too by the way and I love Red Grapefruit juice too! So much in common, LB!!!! Thanks for the nod too. I also agree that after 5 on any list, I get lost.

  2. I am always amazed at how much work you put into your posts. They are simply so thorough and so informative. I am so glad you’re one of my blogging buddies and I never miss a post as you know. Thanks for thinking of me in your nominations too. Such illustrious company!

  3. Yankee!!!!???? There’s no Yankee’s in Wisconsington! A few Swedes and Norwegians amongst the Poles and Germans…. and a few lost Canadians… and some foreigners from Minnetoesaa…. but Yankees… NO we are, ah, we are, ah…. lemmee get back to you on that… ana meantime….gosh, tanks and stuff.

    • Sorry Jim. I used the word “yankee” in the kindest sense, even though it is a throwback that reflects a time when our nation was divided about as bad as it is now. “Yankee” down here has always meant anything north of the Mason-Dixon line, but of course a true yankee lies in the Northeast.

      I guess Wisconsin is considered part of the midwest, but it’s just so damn far north that somehow “northener” comes to mind more than midwesterner. Thus the inclination to use the term “yankee”.

      Well that was a long road trip to explain a trip across town.

  4. ah, ain’t no deal. To be honest…. I think we have a identity crisis here. We can’t decide if we are up North, Middle Earth….. or just plain Cheese Heads. Most opt for the latter.

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