Still Alive

If anyone was wondering why I haven’t been publishing on a regular basis, there are a combination of things that factor into my lack of postings.

I’ve been undergoing some writer’s block and a lack of interest in my subject matter I’m known to write about – politics, health care and energy.  It’s kind of put me in a funk and without the ability to find a hook to address these topics in a fresh manner I find myself uninspired to put pen to paper, euphemistically speaking.

However, I have begun to stir an interests in writing a piece about a local food co-op.  I’m not only interested in raising awareness about this topic and how it provides great benefits to local communities but I am working to put it together in a  fashion that can be presented to my local newspaper as an item for print.  Denton, Texas, where I live has a fledging food co-op that I have been a member of for better than a year and it continues to struggle and gain popular acceptance.  I have agreed to work with the people who have made this co-op a reality here to see if I can stir some local interests.  Not only with potential members but with a greater base of local food source suppliers.

This will require a bit more time and research on my part so bare with me if you see less posting on Woodgates’s View over the next week or so.  In the mean time, here’s my good friend Donna Cavanagh stepping in for me during this lull with a short piece on a humorous take about a news item you will likely not see on many venues.   If you haven’t yet, I encourage all my readers to visit Donna’s creation at HumorOutcast for a daily laugh and for some clever humor writing by various contributor’s, including yours truly on an irregular basis.

The Vibrator Heist
June 4, 2012

By Donna Cavanagh

An armed robber in Brazil, burst into a luxury sex toy shop, tied up the sales associate and stole just one item: an 18-carat, gold-plated vibrator.  This might turn out to be the ultimate exercise in frustration for the robber as he forgot to steal the charger that keeps the vibrator going. I fear there are so many lessons to be learned here, so let’s examine a few:

1) Golden Idols come and go, but they seldom stand strong for long.

2) Sometimes it is the shiniest of objects that are the most fragile.

3) Batteries Not Included:  Maybe the most important words ever written.

4) Simplifying one’s life NEVER includes an 18-carat, $4,000 vibrator unless your name is Liberace.

5) It might look like a duck and quack like a duck, but if  it doesn’t have a plug, it’s a dead duck.

And finally,

5) It doesn’t matter how pretty it is; if you can’t turn it on, it’s probably worthless.

           Donna Cavanagh, the Founder of, is a veteran journalist whose detour into humor writing has landed her on the pages and blogs of MORE Magazine,, and FIRST Magazine. A former humor columnist for Journal Register Papers, she was a USA Books Contest finalist for her first book “Life On The Off Ramp.” Host of BlogTalk’s HumorOutcasts Radio, Donna’s goal is to make HumorOutcasts the first place people go for a laugh.

10 responses to “Still Alive

  1. Since getting back from Germany I’ve found myself a bit uninterested in the political goings on – in part because we’re in that time far enough from the election that pundits pounce on every little story and magnify it, even though most will be forgotten. Luckily I’ve had Germany to write about! I look forward to reading about the food coop. There is a big eat local movement here too, I think as corporate farming gets bigger and more chemically laden, that’s a wave of the future. But take your time – blogging is a selfish endeavor, one should only write when one has something one wants to say!

    • “Since getting back from Germany I’ve found myself a bit uninterested in the political goings on – in part because we’re in that time far enough from the election that pundits pounce on every little story and magnify it, even though most will be forgotten”

      That’s pretty much how I am seeing it too Scott. Wish I had a European country visit to write on about now. 🙂

  2. Thanks Larry as always! I was just telling Deb Martin I need to check up on LB because I have not gotten a blog post in a few days! I was hoping you were on vacation! Well, a little writer’s block is good for the soul and I am sure with the election ahead, you will be in true LB form in no time!

  3. Larry, I understand……I stopped writing for about 10 years because people in general just pissed me off…….I would writing and point to possible problems and I got insults and condescension…..and I remembered something my grandfather use to say…’when you teach pigs to sing…you waste your time and piss off the pig’….. I felt that few wanted to learn so they would get angry and lash out… is stupidity……

    • It really isn’t about pissing people off. If I hear from these people at all and they are abusive in any way I simply ignore them and block their posts. It’s just finding something new to write about or see a continuing issue from a different angle and write on it in a way that may possibly appeal to people’s interests. The frustrartion of all writers I’m sure.

  4. I know where you’re at with the writers block-thing. Getting involved in a food coop sounds great. When I first retired 8 years ago, I volunteered at “Food Share”, a non-profit that provided food to the hungry, and organizations dealing with helping folks out.
    There is more to life that just blogging 🙂

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